Lederhosen, German Choir and Blogging Breaks

I know.....I've been gone for awhile, but it doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything fun.

Remember when I said I had joined the German Society choir? We had our first concert last week and it was a huge success. Yes - all songs were in German. No......I don't speak German,  but I have learned how to pronounce the language correctly (even if I don't know what they mean). We have a huge festival in Canada the first part of June - and I can hardly wait (and you know there will be some great photos)!!

After the concert I changed into Lederhosen (boys lederhosen ...to be exact) and Mr. C and I danced to traditional German songs like the Butterfly and the polka. We love going to the German club, it is so much fun and the people there are geuninely wonderful. 

Wondering what my choir outfit looked like? It is truly hideous. The skirt looks like a bad curtain, and the peasant shirt is over sized and shapeless (read: you look 20lbs heavier instantly).

To my right is Ms. Helen. She's 84 and is the one that rocks black leather pants.
I've been traveling alot (not fun travel - work travel), and I leave again in the morning for another 2 weeks of training. But dont' worry - I'm still around in case you missed me.