I realize that I have a lot of postings about alcohol - but this is Germany, it's the culture. And when in Rome........

Munich (aka Munchen) is famous for their OKTOBERFEST celebrations, but honestly the party continues ALL YEAR LONG. The great thing here is that everyone is FRIENDLY, and when I say everyone - even KIDS with the APPLE BEER are trying to get in on the conversation. 

Every block has a beer garden, so you wait in line for your beer, find yourself a seat at the community tables and then 'PROST' the people next to you. This type of drinking provides major people watching too. 

Since I was alone, my strategy was to single out the old guys in traditional German clothes as company. These old guys have the best stories, and I know if they get weird on me I could probably take them on, or at least out run them. Is that bad? 

Meet Wolfgang! Isn't he adorable? (and harmless)

Have you been to Munich before?
I hear the Oktoberfest celebration is over the top crazy!!

This isn't your GRANDMA'S SKIRT

A few months ago I was watching a VLOG by Brande at VICTORY VINTAGE, and she was discussing pleated skirts and how to properly accessorize them. I have to say I LOVE Brande's VLOG. She was so professional and comfortable giving fashion advice that I felt like I was watching the 'E CHANNEL' in the states.

You know which skirt I'm talking about, right? The kind your GRANDMA wears with a blouse, NUDE hosiery and PRACTICAL SHOES? So anyways...I loved the idea of bringing back a vintage look, but I WASN'T SOLD on the pleated skirt.

Then I purchased some French, British and German FASHION MAGAZINES, and I couldn't help but notice the PLEATED SKIRT- in all types of lengths (MINI, MID and MAXI) along with a dual panel (sheer) overlay. MS. Brande is a rock star - she called out this trend before it ever happened. 

Then TODAY..... I saw that Ms. Leigh from the LIBERTY BELLE is ROCKING the pleated skirt on her blog too. Perfectly accessorized, of course.

The Liberty Belle - check out her blog (link above)

More Magazine - UK, reader submission photo. I think she needs to add a belt.  

What do you think? Would you wear it? Have you already worn it?
What is your favorite length?

photo courtesy of  MORE.UK and Liberty Belle


Hi, we're Hans and Franz.
Yes - please put our photo on your blog!
Hello everyone - let me introduce to you the POSTER BOYS of SWEDEN: HANS and FRANZ. (These are made-up names - everyone gets a nickname on this blog.)  While in MUNICH, I initially saw Franz projectile BARFING outside of the Hauf Brau Haus ('Beer Hall').

They stumbled by me later when I was taking photos of a church and they were both saying "HALOOO (that is how 'hello' sounds over here), so SORRY, sorry - sorry. They couldn't walk in a straight path and were all over the sidewalk - thus their apology. How polite is that?

These guys were happy drunks and looked like family to me. Don't you think I could pass them off as my YOUNGER BROTHERS?

My compassionate skills ran deep as I turned my camera towards them and asked for a photo. Happy for the attention, Hans grabbed Franz and propped him up on the building. They left with a wave and stumbled down the cobblestone street. 

More to come about MUNICH - this city is incredible!


Give me your money.

Police officers can be intimidating. Especially when they're pissed at you and they speak a different language. Yes, I know what you're thinking....I tend to attract pissed off people, but this time I was in a BAD SITUATION.


ME: Driving freely into Austria headed for the toll booth. I'm a couple of miles across the border and I have the music blaring, windows down - LIFE IS GOOD. 

POLICE: Sitting along side the autobahn. They flash some sort of lighted paddle sign in my general direction.

ME: Shysa, was that for me? Was I speeding? (staring out the rear view window, turning radio down and rolling up the window)

POLICE: Slowly pulls onto the autobahn and starts following me. Gradually changes lanes and catches up to my car. When they were even with my drivers window, an officer (there are 2 of them) pulledout a HAND HELD PADDLE (it looked like a ping-pong paddle with flashing lights. It reads "HALT").
ME: CONFUSED. Do they want me to HALT so they can get by? Or do they want me to pull over?

POLICE: They speeds past my car and are now driving in front of me.

ME: Awesome, they want someone else

POLICE: Suddenly braking, and now there is a pissed-off hand gesture out the passenger window (obviously aimed at me) to pull off the autobahn and onto a ramp.

ME:  What? What is going on?  Do I get off here? (In America, cops pull up BEHIND you and turn on their lights.) Shysa, what do I do? I make a flash decision to cooperate and  pull off the autobahn into a residential area.

POLICE: Driving erratically in front of me, they finally stop and two officers get out of their car. One looks perplexed and the other looks like he wants to RIP MY HEAD OFF.  (yes, they had their hands on their weapons). They both walk cautiously to my car and flank each side.

ME: OMG, this is like the KGB. I'm going to get abducted and held for ransom. This is it, I should have never wandered into Austria alone. (quietly hyperventilating).

POLICE: "Blah-blah-blah in German" . When they realize I only speak English, they get even more pissed. "Where is your sticker to enter Austria? Why don't you have a sticker? Why didnt' you pull over immediately, we told you to pull over and you ignored us! Didn't you see the sign? Where is your international drivers license?"

ME: "Oh, I'm  sorry - I didn't know". I was looking for the toll booth, I didn't see where I was supposed to buy a sticker. I saw a sign that indicated a toll, but I couldn't read it the sign so I figured it was just up ahead. I really didn't know - I'm so sorry.
POLICE: - INSERT 'MAJOR ASS CHEWING' HERE-......and then one officer says, "You owe 150 euros ($225), and YOU WILL PAY NOW.

ME: OMG, I'm screwed. I'm being HUSTLED and there is nothing I can do about it. They didn't have to charge me, but I was the isolated tourist that didn't know how to read the foreign instructions and was getting hosed.

Being stuck - I politely handed them all of my money to AVOID A BEAT DOWN, and he gave me a 24-hour pass to stay in the country.

I drove away in shock. I was in shock for what had just happened, and two - for what could have happened. Stupid, stupid, stupid.  That will never happen again.

  • Research the entry fees  or sticker requirement before you drive into a foreign country
  • Always be sure you have an international license (I had mine -thank god, could you imagine how much that would have been? They probably would  have impounded my rental car)
  • Carry plenty of cash
  • If you see the Polizie paddle, pull over immediately to avoid pissing them off. Apparently the task of 'pulling over cars' is not their thing.

I'M BACK! Come see where I went.

I met amazing people along the way!

Wow - what an adventure! I'm sure some of  you are curious as to what I did since I was so elusive before I left. Here's the rundown:

I rented a BMW and drove to three cities in 2 countries
Night 1: Dinkelsbuhl GERMANY
Night 2: Munchen (Munich) GERMANY
Night 3: Innsbruck AUSTRIA

This was supposed to be my romantic trip with Mr. C, but since there were passport issues, the trip fell apart at the last minute. Since part of the weekend trip was nonrefundable, it only made sense that I would still go.

I can't even begin to describe this trip. Moving each day to a new city kept it both exciting and exhausting. I literally have 3 months worth of postings from this one weekend - so I will sort through my photos and post as I feel inspired.

Here is a small sampling of postings you can look forward to:

- Busted by the Austrian Poleizi (aka Police)

- Meet my Faux Boyfriend Gerry

- Teeny Tiny Living in a World of Giants

- Autobahn Chaos and Charm

- More Stairs? xlf!*2xyz bleep

- Meet Hans and Frans - Munich's Poster Boys

- Man Capris GALORE (brace yourself)

- I found Fifi's Soulmate and new BFF

- Euro Trash x10 - a photo menagerie

- Gas is how much?

- Front Door Dejavu

- Fifi gets pretty

- I met my fabulous Euro Mom

- German and Austrian Window Shopping

Any special requests for which one gets posted 1st? Or 2nd? Or 3rd?

YOU and ME - a Big Adventure. Ssshhhhh

I'm going on an adventure of a lifetime. Let's have a conversation about it. I'll be ME, and you are well........YOU.

Let's begin: 

YOU: Where are you going?

ME:  Sorry doll, I can't tell you - it's a secret. I don't want anyone to know until I get back.

YOU: When are you leaving?

ME: Thursday after work

YOU: How long will you be gone?

ME: 3 1/2 days

YOU: Will you post on your blog while you're gone?

ME: Probably not

YOU: Is 'Mr. C' going with you on this adventure?

ME: No, and passport services are xlj!x2A+*#bleep bleep LAME.

YOU: So you're going alone?

ME:  Yes. Thats WHY it is a secret. Actually I'm not supposed to be traveling alone and its already paid for. People would probably freak over my independence. Which in turn would make me freak out,  and then I would lose my confidence and cancel my plans.  

YOU: I'll miss you so much. Please be safe. Take lots of photos - especially of shopping and of the local fashion. Watch out for trannys and angry Russians!

ME: I'll miss you too. Thanks for the kind words my blogging friend, you're the best.

Look at this funny postcard!

I HEART this postcard. I was having a crap day today and finding this hysterical postcard in the mail bin made my day. Thank you so much PLEEMILLER !!!!
(ps: - Ms. Pleemiller I finally found 2 for you and will get them next week)

UPDATE on POSTCARDS (for everyone else):
I ran out of postcards, but I replenished them today and will get them out next week. Sorry for the delay.


As promised here is the scoop on our special visitors from DANCING WITH THE STARS. I wouldn't call them 'Celebrities', but they are known by anyone that follows the US based show. 

The following dancers visited us last week:


  • 4-inch heels should not be worn inside the airplanes and around medical equipment
  • Wearing perfume will make a patient BARF
  • Please (pretty pretty please) shake our hands and be nice to us. Yes, even when the CAMERA IS NOT AIMED AT YOU. 
  • 'Visitors' should be briefed on how to interact with the wounded. The following conversation is NOT APPROPRIATE: (Visitor vs. Extremely wounded but conscious patient). 
    • VISITOR: "So.....what happened to you?"
    • PATIENT: "I stepped on an IED ma'am"
    • VISITOR: "Uhhhhh hellooo, English please." (giggle)
    • PATIENT: "Uh ok. I stepped on a bomb and blew up"
    • VISITOR: Shoulder shrug and casual walk away. (Yes people, she just WALKED away).
    • A "CORRECT" RESPONSE would have been: I am so sorry, how horrible for you. Thank you so much for your service".   
Overall the guys were NUTS for these pretty girls (poor Tristan, he was basically ignored). For the guys to see long flowing blonde hair and pretty girls was a such a treat, that their entire demeanor changed.

From an observers standpoint, I'm seeing how the visit could have been so much better with a little more prep given to the visitors. I''m keeping my fingers crossed that the next group will be more comfortable/compassionate with the patients. I suppose they can't all be Angelina Jolie.

Oh btw, I have an update (inside scoop on her last visit). Ask about it in a comment, and I'll post it there as a response.

WINNER WINNER Chicken Dinner

Noooo.... I'm  not throwing in a chicken dinner with the alcohol belt - but I do have a winner for my super cool "Make Your Friends Jealous" Germany Giveaway.

The Winner is:

Congrats to you doll!! Please send me your mailing address at and I'll ship your box out this week.

I think I speak for everyone when I say we want to see PHOTOS OF YOU enjoying this deluxe assortment. Thank you to everyone that entered!! There will be more super cool giveaways coming up, so stay tuned.

A big thanks goes out to GAWGUS THINGS for picking a RANDOM NUMBER between 1-30 via Twitter.

Hot Pink Combat Bts

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I received the SUNSHINE AWARD! See who I tagged next!

AMAZING. I received the SUNSHINE AWARD from the beautiful and fabulous Ms. Ramblin Blonde.

Considering I had a CAT FIGHT this week along with the antique TRESPASSING, and not to mention my overall HAIR WHINING, I received the Sunshine Award. Its perfect, and I love it.  

The rules for the Sunshine Award are:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.
2. Tell us something about yourself.
3. Nominate 10 other bloggers.
4. And let them know you awarded them!

Interesting Tidbits about Moi:
I have no tattoos or any weird piercings
I refer to natural redheads as Gingers' based on the 'gingivitis' episode from South Park
I have anxiety if I'm without lip gloss and my favorite water bottle
I can only read 50% of a book before I tire of it and move on to the next one.
I'm freaked out by dolls, clowns and MUMBLERS. What are they always mumbling about anyways?

A Suitcase and STILETTOS
In the Life of TALIA
The Bargain BLONDE
The Wolf and the Fox
Rockabilly GYPSY

Thanks again Ms. Ramblin Blonde!

Thanks for the Postcard!

I received a cool handmade postcard from Jello today! She creates her own postcards and lets readers choose from 6 designs. So clever and creative!

Thanks Jello - you're the best!

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Busted at the Antique Store.

I recently found this antique store with amazing pieces that are at least 200 years old. I was DYING to take photographs, but the OWNER was stalking my every move.

Lucky  for me, 2 women walked in and were very interested in this expensive Grandfather Clock and had a TON OF QUESTIONS for the owner.  Since he was now occupied, I slipped off to the back to see what else I  could find.

Much to my excitement, there was an massive warehouse FULL OF INCREDIBLE antiques. (I'm pretty sure this warehouse was 'OFF LIMITS', but I can't read German so I'm claiming ignornance on TRESPASSING.

And when I say the word "ANTIQUES", I'm not talking about your GRANDMA'S COFFEE TABLE from the 50's. Oh no.....these pieces are 18th century or older, and all of them have been meticiously carved and cared for.

I busted out my camera and captured some of my favorite pieces: 

I'm always a sucker for furntiure with velvet.

The print and handcarving was exceptional

I loved this. It looks like it came straight out of a castle

Close up of the arm rest on the green couch

Detail above the head - same green couch. All hand carved.

Dressing Screen

There was anoter room in the back where it looked like they did restoration work. Such craftmanship!

Part way through my photo extravaganza, I look up and see there is a FORT KNOX SECURITY SYSTEM and I have been ON CAMERA the entire time. Shysa.

I quickly leave the warehouse, and just as I'm about to exit the store, the owner (still stuck entertaining the same customers) catches my eye and gives me a 'I know you were up to something" kind of look.

I'm sure he reviewed the camera later on and saw me taking photos. He probably thinks I'm the competition, even worse: the government assessing for taxes. I don't think I'll be welcome returning there anytime soon.......


You asked for it, you got it! Close up photos of the coveted alcohol belt. See how cool this is??

They are plastic bottles and easily removable (and refillable)

The COOLEST beauty best pageant banner ev-uh.

See, you could even wear it like RAMBO!

Look at how long this thing is?!

Sorry but the butt shot - but see, it goes all the way around.
The belt is very generous in size and will fit just about everyone.

White trash shawl. Perfect for those chilly days!
I'm cracking myself up here.
Close up on 2 flavors. Five different flavors are included.

I'm picking the winner soon (MONDAY).


Truth be known, I'm not really a confrontive person. I've never been one to have quick comebacks and find that my technique is to 'PROCESS' and then return to the conversation later.  Of course, that's not always an option.

However....'s little incident has been brewing for awhile. Here's the backdrop and the story. 

There is a female I work with that is:
  • LOUD
  • RUDE


I've successfully avoided BLACK CAT for the last few weeks, but my new friend 'Ms. T' has been working with her exclusively,  and at the end of each day I find Ms. T in my dorm room on the brink of tears as she feels useless and stupid from Ms. CAT'S hash criticism.

Delicious beer, hugs and supportive words can only do so much......

I have renamed my new friend 'Ms. T'  to 'BETTY' which is short for 'BEATEN BETTY'.  Each day she goes into work thinking it will be better just like a domestic abuse victim, and at the end of the day when she's been beaten up again - she continues to make excuses for the hostile situation.

Today I had the dreaded task deluxe opportunity to ride on a bus with BEATEN BETTY, BLACK CAT and another co-worker. I'll spare you the details, but BLACK CAT was very rude to BEATEN BETTY and at one point she said a 'general' negative comment (regarding initiative) that was AIMED TOWARDS ME when she conveniently exited the bus.

OMG, really? WTH just happened? Did I hear that right? Me - initiative? Are you kidding me?

I'm an ADMINISTRATIVE person, and yesterday I was cleaning up body fluids and my body aches everywhere from LIFTING HEAVY PATIENTS. Not to mention you're picking on my weak friend, and now you were moving on to me? The SMACK DOWN was ON.

Those that know me, know that I am EXTREMELY PROTECTIVE of my friends and those close to me (Vern - you out there? I know you can vouch for this!), to the point where any confrontive fears go out the window. I will quickly get in your face and give you a FIRST  CLASS ASS CHEWING  if your bother my friends or behave inappropriately. Its 2nd nature.

I was PISSED after her little snarky comment, but had to hold my cool for 2 HOURS while we dealt with the patients. The funny thing is she sensed I was pissed, and started changing her attitude. She began kissing up to  Beaten Betty and being overly sweet to me.

I wasn't falling for it, and patiently counted down to our minutes alone. Once we arrived back at work she conveniently disappeared.

I was on the HUNT FOR BLACK CAT, she was going to to get cornered whether she liked it or not. I had her this time and there was no way she could talk her way out of it. I was feeling SMUG and POWERFUL. 

I found Ms. BLACK CAT behind closed doors in the very back office having a private conversation with the other co-worker that was on the bus. I didn't care. 

I said, "Sergeant BLACK CAT, I need you to come outside so I can speak to you privately". (We are the same rank, btw). She stomps  to an area I lead her to.

ME: "When we were on  the bus I heard you say XXXXX, and I want to know why you said that?"

SHE: Blah, blah blah....insert 'confusing conversation about nothing'. She was trying to do the TALK OFF with me. You know the 'TALK OFF' .... when someone confronts you and you talk about crazy details of something insignificant to throw them off the original topic?

Yeah, that wasn't happening with me. I went in for the KILL.

ME: Ok, so I'm confused... just to clarify....(insert me going into extreme detail to keep her form avoiding the issue). SUCCESS! She crumbled!!! She said she was directing  her comment towards 'other people' on the flight line and not me. I corrected her behavior by saying no one deserves her snarky comments and he behavior was hurting morale and then did the WALK OFF, head high and chest out. I felt like a Marine after battle.  

Within 3 hours, I am getting major RESPECT from BLACK CAT. She drove me to get groceries, dropped me off at my room and in general is being very polite. We might end up being friends after all of this.

As for BEATEN BETTY, as much as I'd like to protect her, its NOT MY PLACE. She needs to have the confidence to confront BLACK CAT just like I did so she can gain the same respect level. Until it happens, she will be chewed up and spit out every single day. 

Sadly, Betty's parting words to me today was, "If I just wait it out it will get better".

Crap, I'm going to run out of beer. 

This is going to be expensive......


EXCITING NEWS - We had 3 'DANCING WITH THE STARS' celebrities at my work today visiting the patients. I didn't have my camera with me (the one time I dont' have it on me.......), so as soon as I get the photos from my coworker, I will post ALL of the scoopy details.

Estimated posting day: MONDAY

My dear friend Sarah from 'The Beara Necessities' is doing a stylish and fashionable giveaway. TURQUOISE accessories!!!!! You already know I'm obsessed with the color, so I'm crossing my fingers I win. You can sign up for this easy giveaway HERE.

Don't forget to sign up for my UBER DELUXE GERMANY GIVEAWAY. It ends this weekend!

The SCHNAPPS (oops, I mean 'juice') BELT is In its original box unopened. However........if you would like me to take it out and MODEL it for you - just let me know.

If 10 READERS COMMENT that they want to see photos of me wearing the belt -  I will be HAPPY TO OBLIGE! Otherwise, I'll leave it in the box as is. It's up to you!