EXCITING NEWS - We had 3 'DANCING WITH THE STARS' celebrities at my work today visiting the patients. I didn't have my camera with me (the one time I dont' have it on me.......), so as soon as I get the photos from my coworker, I will post ALL of the scoopy details.

Estimated posting day: MONDAY

My dear friend Sarah from 'The Beara Necessities' is doing a stylish and fashionable giveaway. TURQUOISE accessories!!!!! You already know I'm obsessed with the color, so I'm crossing my fingers I win. You can sign up for this easy giveaway HERE.

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The SCHNAPPS (oops, I mean 'juice') BELT is In its original box unopened. However........if you would like me to take it out and MODEL it for you - just let me know.

If 10 READERS COMMENT that they want to see photos of me wearing the belt -  I will be HAPPY TO OBLIGE! Otherwise, I'll leave it in the box as is. It's up to you!


Lisa Cozza said...

Well I say model of course! :) And I can't wait to see the celebrity photos and hear all about it.

John said...

Duh, I'd love to see you with a fancy belt!

John said...

OMG! After weeks of trying to make the comments work it does now! All it took was signing up for a blog that I'll probably never use.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Ok, I think a 'duh' counts as two entries :)

Hi John! I'm so happy to see your comments finally came through. I changed the commenting format to a 'pop up' window so maybe that helped too.

Have a fabulous weekend! Hopefully it nice enough for you two to take out Dolly.

Tiffany said...

Yes....I think a shot of you modeling the belt is totally necessary!


Beth said...

lol! We had dancing with the stars people come Thursday! That's too funny. I bet they were the same 3.