Busted at the Antique Store.

I recently found this antique store with amazing pieces that are at least 200 years old. I was DYING to take photographs, but the OWNER was stalking my every move.

Lucky  for me, 2 women walked in and were very interested in this expensive Grandfather Clock and had a TON OF QUESTIONS for the owner.  Since he was now occupied, I slipped off to the back to see what else I  could find.

Much to my excitement, there was an massive warehouse FULL OF INCREDIBLE antiques. (I'm pretty sure this warehouse was 'OFF LIMITS', but I can't read German so I'm claiming ignornance on TRESPASSING.

And when I say the word "ANTIQUES", I'm not talking about your GRANDMA'S COFFEE TABLE from the 50's. Oh no.....these pieces are 18th century or older, and all of them have been meticiously carved and cared for.

I busted out my camera and captured some of my favorite pieces: 

I'm always a sucker for furntiure with velvet.

The print and handcarving was exceptional

I loved this. It looks like it came straight out of a castle

Close up of the arm rest on the green couch

Detail above the head - same green couch. All hand carved.

Dressing Screen

There was anoter room in the back where it looked like they did restoration work. Such craftmanship!

Part way through my photo extravaganza, I look up and see there is a FORT KNOX SECURITY SYSTEM and I have been ON CAMERA the entire time. Shysa.

I quickly leave the warehouse, and just as I'm about to exit the store, the owner (still stuck entertaining the same customers) catches my eye and gives me a 'I know you were up to something" kind of look.

I'm sure he reviewed the camera later on and saw me taking photos. He probably thinks I'm the competition, even worse: the government assessing for taxes. I don't think I'll be welcome returning there anytime soon.......


Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Wow, such beautiful items Im glad you risk your neck for us to see such cool stuff.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I LOVE antiques and those are *fabulous*! People are so weird about me (or you!) taking pictures of their stuff. I'm like "I'm just putting it on my blog. It will be free advertisement for you!"

Tanya said...

Gorgeous pieces! I always get so nervous about taking photos in store because I always think I'm about 30 seconds away from getting yelled at by the owner. But it's funny - the security cameras thing reminds me of the post I just wrote too. haha oops!

Miss K said...

how awesome! the furniture was so detailed, it's crazy!

keri said...


Andi said...

Wow, that guy has some really AMAZING stuff, I would not have been able to resist either!

Vern said...

Pretty!! Love the velvet too! So we went back to Napa last month and hit a winery/gallery. You would have absolutely loved it. I actually took pictures for you but realized you wouldn't have your phone. Sigh. We are going there together! hurry back please!!!

Lacey said...

O man! He probably thought you were nuts taking random pics. I would have done the same thing though. I love furniture like that. How expensive were some of the pieces? Not that I would buy any, because in my house it would go from an antique to trash with my kids around it ;)