Thanks for the Postcard!

I received a cool handmade postcard from Jello today! She creates her own postcards and lets readers choose from 6 designs. So clever and creative!

Thanks Jello - you're the best!

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Jello said...

oh awesome! you got it! i was a bit worried cuz our mail's on stick... ; )


Anonymous said...

that is so awesome!!!! im going to have to exchange with her once i move :-)

Miss K said...

so awesome! yours will be mailed out this week from me!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Jello - mails on STICK? Is that a Canadian term? Stick? That's funny.

I feel so privledged that I'm getting the lingo from around the world. By the time I leave Germany I'll be speaking my 'own' language which will be a hodge-podge of slang from all of my blogger friends. Hey....thats a good posting idea ;)

Jello said...

woups... STRIKE, i met strike. lol
those are the challenges you get from over-dosing on caffein and multi-tasking 3 brains. haaha!