Copy Cats and a Temper Tantrum

I heart Fifi.

She is my beacon of independence and adventure. With her, I can escape my military life and go off base to explore the shops as my own leisure.

DILEMMA: I'm seeing other Fifi-esque bikes showing up at my dorm and around the base. Different colors, but same style and the owners are adding the the exact same accessories. Thanks to the local COPY CATS, Fifi now looks soooo.......AVERAGE.

Since I'm not one to blend in with the crowd, something had to be done. Something that would make Fifi look uniquely mine, and also be something that others wouldn't want to do to their shiny new bikes.

I decided that Fifi would look amazing covered in STICKERS.

Yes people, stickers. Cool TRAVEL STICKERS to be exact.

So this is what happened today:

I rode Fifi into town to get my hair cut/colored. (Total disaster btw - but that is an entirely different post. I should have known by the lame salon name - HAIR FORCE. Barf). Followed by a delicious lunch of Greek Artichoke Pizza and Coke Light. The mood was right, the weather perfect - this was the day to start the change.

I rode her into the woods for her initial application of stickers. Unfortunately, Fifi was NOT HAVING IT. Her effing chain came off, the brakes started to make loud noises and at one point she just FELL OVER. This was a full-blown BIKE TEMPER TANTRUM.

Even though I had shared beauty day with her, took her out to lunch, hand-picked stickers, AND chose the perfect spot in the woods - this was the thanks I got.

Simply SELFISH. Unbelievable.

PRE- Deflowering, and POST temper tantrum

Lovingly Selected Stickers: (Left to Right) Germany, Great Brit and France. Stickers are expensive!

Not a bad start, but I'm going to need A LOT MORE!
Do you have any extra stickers for Fifi????

Afterwards, she seemed lighter and easier to ride. I literally think she was happy and finally understood the intent. We had a great day - look at our adventure pics!

There were snails on the bike path (yes, the same ones  used in escargot).

We went through this creepy cool tunnel

We even stopped to pick flowers!

A fantastic day besides having to endure crap hair. Its so bad....but more to come on that later!

Do you have any stickers you would like to donate for Fifi?? Yes?? Fantastic - please email me at


Anonymous said...

i think it is wonderful you have decorated in stickers! i wish i had some too...maybe when i get to norway ;-) i think it spruces things up a bit! i used to decorate my datebook with stickers like that...made it so unique and special!

i love that you documented your adventure! ur camera looks to work well? did u get a new one!?

what i remember most about living in germany (yes, this is sad) is the snails all over the place! i still have yet to see any in the US. isnt that weird?! but in germany they were EVERYWHERE!!!! bike is not making the trip initially. but i will be back for it soon enough ;-) i will have to live vicariously through and you fifi!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi Megan! bike? Oh no, thats to bad. I'm sure you're getting overwhelmed with what to bring or leave behind, and the bike is pretty big.

What is the with snails? Thats funny you mentioned that, because I was thinking the same thing. Why don't we have these in the states?? Even the gross bugs are cooler over here.

Lisa said...

Love your take on the bike temper tantrum. I have had similar moments with my bike. Chain... tire... I actually took mine out and she's all ready to go! Now I just have to wait for it to stop raining... which might be never. It's POURING here now. I still have yet to name my bike.., maybe if I could actually take her out for a spin, something would come to me. Maybe someday.

The beer and pizza look SO good! How I wish I was there to share it with you! :) Something to do when you get back to the states.

Stickers eh? I'm on it ;)

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Lisa - I'm so happy you have your bike up and running. Do you have a basket? Its a luxury to throw all of your stuff in.

I'll send sunny weather thoughts your way!!

Selina. said...

in response to youe blog question - yes i really want to shoot more street style photos but my camera is on the fritz so i currently just have my point and shoot, which isnt as good. but soon because the weather was great today and i was soo annoyed that i missed out on photographing people.

also i would be happy to send you some Bergen stickers when i get the chance :)

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Hey Lovely, I will send you a sticker from Australia ASAP hopefully Fifi will like it and not chuck another tanty xx

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi Selina! Bergen stickers would be awesome. I'll google where Bergen is..... :) It's funny - I have blogger friends from countries I have never even heard of. Such a great geography lesson!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Ms. Green T&C - Tanty?? That is such a great word. I need to add more Austrailian lingo to the vocab. Tanty! I love it!!

xStroutx said...

Don't you hate when people start copying your style? Although you know what they say... Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

Tiffany said...

Love this!! I'm totally going to mail you some Oklahoma State University stickers for Fifi! It will be good for you to have during football season. :) I'm sure everyone in Germany will care! Ha!


Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi TIFFANY! What a great idea - COLLEGE STICKERS, I love it! Maybe you can tape them to my postcard....

HELLO XSTROUX! So wonderful to see you. Yes, copy cats are annoying - but I do it all of the time myself ( I call it "inpsired by"), so I don't complain. My sticker idea was actually "INSPIRED BY" skateboarders snowboarders and surfers.

Anonymous said...

Miss M, E and I have a ton of Expo '74 decals, They're meant to go on the inside of a window but you could use clear packing tape to put them on. Oh, They're not the barf Expo crap grandmothers have in their china cabinets.

Lovins, John

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Mr.E and Mr. J - I would LOVE Expo 74 stickers. How cool is that?! That's funny you mention the packing tape idea. I was contemplating taping some of my cool postcards on FiFi. Do you think it will hold up?

John said...

Yeah, I think it will. That stuff is pretty tough and waterproof as long as there are no wierd wrinkles.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

John - hmm, I'll see if I can find the heavy duty tape. The no wrinkles is the tricky part.......