Your Mother's Lipstick - an experience with VINTAGE makeup.

This could be your mother's lipstick....or, it could quite possibly be you're grandmothers. Check out my latest discovery...

During my yard sale extravaganza on Friday, I found a cool bag FULL of lipstick from the 1960's & 70's. For a mere $2, the entire bag of goodies was mine.  You know how makeup 'experts' and magazines tell us to CHUCK our old make-up? That lipsticks should last no longer than 2 years before the color turns or it becomes a bacteria fest?  Yeah right.....I just discovered a huge beauty secret and I'll share it with you. 

When I got home I experimented with the colors and I learned that the older the lipstick is (as in 30+ years..._), the more pungent the color is. 'Pungent' as in it will stain your fingers and stay on for HOURS. The color has to be applied with a lipstick brush - but the colors are true and actually stain your lips.Who knew??

This bag opens up, accordion style. Has anyone ever seen this before or know what it is called? I haven't seen anything like this and cannot find anything  similar on eBay/Etsy. 

If you wear bright colors, buy some vintage tubes from eBay and experiment for yourself. Stick with the gold metal tubes - they are very sturdy and also look pretty in your purse. I coincidentally ordered the NARS Jungle Red from Sephora for my Fall makeup last week. As soon as it arrives, it is getting returned as I can not justify spending $25 for a tube of lipstick when I have all of these perfect tubes already at home. 


Travel Schmavel 2012

Guess who's back? Yes - if you guessed moi, you're so right. See....I look pretty much the same.
Notice the water bottle on my desk? There is always one within arms reach . 

After having a delightful (and long overdue) lunch with my friend and fellow blogger Ms. Lisa (who has a new vegan recipe website), I felt inspired again to write a fresh post. I have received several emails and notes from my other blogging friends wondering what I've been up to. BIG APOLOGIES for not even responding. There's really  no excuse for it and even though I had the best of intentions to send a note back - it just never happened. 

So what have I been up to over the past few months? Tons of travel! As much as I wish I could say it's been globe trotting Belgium/Italy/Germany/France type of travelling - it has been more like California and Wisconsin type of travelling where 90% of the time there is a uniform involved. The 'home-for-a-week-&-gone-for-a-week' routine is really getting old. 

As always, here's a brief recapp in pictures:

Today was full of spectacular yard sales. Look at the major scores I found!

Ebay has been on & off again since customers tend to get annoyed when you can't ship their items because you're out of town. I'm home for 2 weeks - so the listings are being added at warp speed.

I spent the night in Reno enroute to California - here are some of my dear military friends.

Clean and  pink lip-glossed up, my friend Barb and I are headed to California for 2 weeks of SUCK. 

Not typically one to complain - this was the WORST military experience of my life. Two weeks of living in a dirt floor tent, with no running water, porta-potties only, and a 1 mile hike to use the shower. Oh was 112 degrees. It was so hot my toothbrush warped and the bristles fell out. SUMMARY: Dirty, disgusting and life changing. 

REWARD! : One delicious week is San Diego with Mr. C courtesy of Uncle Sam. I forgot my hat and was melting on the ferry. I'm sure everyone thought I was Muslim, ha. 

Margaritas at The Hotel Del Coronado! We just returned on Sunday.    

I miss everyone and hope you're doing well!


PS - blogger is putting a weird white box around my normal text. Anyone else having the same prob?