Every year I fall for it - I buy the giant Fall edition of Vogue and end up being disappointed. The magazine is 90% advertisements and the remaining 10% of the magazine is so 'out there' that I'm left uninspired and out my precious $6.

However..... even though the fashion portion was underwhelming, there was ONE juicy tidbit of inspiration. Ms. Carey Mulligan and Leonardo DiCaprio are remaking THE GREAT GATSBY! I instantly googled the movie name and there were tons of amazing photos of beautiful dresses and incredible hair. So inspiring......

So what are my favorite fashion magazines? Hands down-no competition, it is HARPERS BAZAAR. I'm confused over the pink cover for September, but the inside is chucked full of inspirational and right-on fashion highlights. (ok, well technically I haven't read it yet - but I'm SURE it will be fabulous)

So what's even better than the USA version of Harpers Bazaar? The LONDON edition!!!  If you have an Ipad, you can purchase it through ZINIO for $7. Or...head to Barnes and Noble and pick up the real thing with glossy pages. Don't you just love that rich plum shade on Keira? Now this is a Fall edition.

Happy Reading!!!!



Have you seen the new iPhone cases by Kate Spade? It has a 60's retro bliss photo on the backside and is now available for purchase at your nearest Apple store. This is my first iPhone and I was expecting to buy a plain colored and very practical case for it. I was shocked at the selection and this particular style couldn't have been more perfect for me since I'm back on my 60's fashion obsession. 

The turquoise side color looks especially cool if you have the white phone. BARGAIN TIP - if you can bear to wait it out, order it from Amazon, it's $15 cheaper. I love my new phone so much (thanks Mr. C!) ....the unique features and apps will save you so much time. Bonus - texting is so much easier than using a smart phone. I think some of my friends are surprised at my random  increase in texting (and length).


DOG DIAPERS- it's a don't

I stumbled upon this poor pooch during my errands today. There comes a point when you just leave your dog at home.

I love the stick laying next to him.....doesn't count as actually playing with your pet. I've been noticing a huge trend lately where people are dragging their pets EVERYWHERE (grocery stores, restaurants, malls, small businesses...etc). Diapers and staged toys don't actually count as quality time. General rant for Wednesday. 

BORN CHARCOAL BOOTS - the obsession of FALL clothes begins

I love dressing for the FALL, it is my absolute favorite season. The boots, the tights, the furs, the coats, the rich fabrics - who can resist the luxe styles? When the NORDSTROM 1/2 Yearly catalog came out, I poured over it page-by-page to see if there was anything I couldn't live without. 

I squealed with delight was pleasantly surprised when I saw the perfect pair of charcoal gray boots on sale. If you remember from last year, I tend to be a 'walking-gray-bomb' during the winter and I have been searching for the perfect pair of charcoal boots for YEARS. They always seem to look cheap or are an odd shade of blue-gray. 

This BORN pair is perfect with it's comfortable heel and stylish hardware. LUCKY, LUCKY ME - Mr. C bought me a pair while we were in San Diego and they just showed up at the house! He's so thoughtful (and probably tired of me carrying around the catalog and asking if he's seen my new favorite/coveted boots.....).

There were a couple of other photos in the catalog that were inspiring - rich Italian burgundy brown leather paired with gray striped tights (of course...more gray).

I'm also loving the pairing of purple shoes with the gray tights - this will be a great way to add color to my multi-layered gray outfits. I'm also thinking  the turquoise tights could be fun if paired with a simple sheath dress. However, my all-time favorite colored tight is a rich ruby red/burgundy. This color looks both luxurious and expensive when paired with winter white and other jewel tones. 



I don't normally promote a book, but this one I simply can not keep to myself. I found it last week at a yard sale and I vaguely remember it being a 'scandalous' story from back in the day.
The author is Jacqueline Susann, and she wrote this book in the mid 60's, however the story is based on 3 women trying to make it on their own in New York during the late 1940's. It's full of pill-popping, champagne,amazing clothes, jewels, night clubs, cat fights and celebrities. Its true debauchery at its best, and probably the inspiration behind Sex and The City and Bergdorf Blondes. If you like chic lit at all- find this book stat! 

There was a movie made in the 70's which has a cult-like following. I haven't watched it yet as I'm waiting to finish the book, and do not want to have the story line ruined. Has anyone seen this movie or read the book??


SKINNY - with the help of a powder

No...not that kind of powder. Read on for the scoop:

Ms. Heffer & Meow Meow
After a week of pigging out in San Diego, I came home to find my pants no longer fit and I was experiencing major HEFFER DISEASE. You know what heffer disease is, right? It's when you go to sleep and all of your dietary sins combine, so when you wake up you look (and feel) like a fat cow. I realize no one wants to hear my size 2 kipper complaining about clothes not fitting - but come on, it doesn't matter what size you are, no one is exempt from the depressing HEFFER feeling. 

I am not receiving any type of compensation
for this product. This is a legit review. 

Here is a link if you're interested. 
I discovered this AMAZING pre-workout powder that has helped kick my workouts into overdrive.  It's called C4 Extreme. You can find it at any health food or fitness store- and this stuff really works. 

You mix a tiny scoop of powder with a small glass of water. About 15 minutes later your body is ACHING to work out (really - no joke!). After your massive sweat-producing workout, you feel incredible and have TONS of energy all day long - with no jitters or meth-head shakes.

Now that I have all of this new energy - the house is uber clean, my files are organized and I am ready to tackle my next big project (more on that later....).

Over the weekend Mr. C and I drug the kids out for an activity filled weekend on the lake. We did two major hikes (the 2nd one lasted 4 hours) and it was so much fund. This kids (11 & 6) had no idea what was in store for them and they were great troopers, with ONLY 2 major meltdowns and one temper tantrum during the difficult hike. 

Mr. C dealing with one of the 'episodes' mid- hike

This is the view from the top. Isn't this place gorgeous?! This
is lake Pend Oreille in Northern Idaho, and the water is so deep
they do submarine testing here. Being on a lake that isn't littered with homes, cabins and bad condo's is incredibly relaxing.

Our boat is the one on the left. It has a kitchen, 4 beds & a bathroom,
so this is where we spend the majority of our weekends. It's like having a floating lake cabin. After the hike we 
spent the rest of the day swimming (yes - in nasty lake water). Ok.....'they' went swimming. I'm not much of a water baby. 

After a week of workouts (thx to my special powder)and 2 major hikes, I am happy to say that my pants fit again. Now bring on the Mexican food! 


Your Mother's Lipstick - an experience with VINTAGE makeup.

This could be your mother's lipstick....or, it could quite possibly be you're grandmothers. Check out my latest discovery...

During my yard sale extravaganza on Friday, I found a cool bag FULL of lipstick from the 1960's & 70's. For a mere $2, the entire bag of goodies was mine.  You know how makeup 'experts' and magazines tell us to CHUCK our old make-up? That lipsticks should last no longer than 2 years before the color turns or it becomes a bacteria fest?  Yeah right.....I just discovered a huge beauty secret and I'll share it with you. 

When I got home I experimented with the colors and I learned that the older the lipstick is (as in 30+ years..._), the more pungent the color is. 'Pungent' as in it will stain your fingers and stay on for HOURS. The color has to be applied with a lipstick brush - but the colors are true and actually stain your lips.Who knew??

This bag opens up, accordion style. Has anyone ever seen this before or know what it is called? I haven't seen anything like this and cannot find anything  similar on eBay/Etsy. 

If you wear bright colors, buy some vintage tubes from eBay and experiment for yourself. Stick with the gold metal tubes - they are very sturdy and also look pretty in your purse. I coincidentally ordered the NARS Jungle Red from Sephora for my Fall makeup last week. As soon as it arrives, it is getting returned as I can not justify spending $25 for a tube of lipstick when I have all of these perfect tubes already at home. 


Travel Schmavel 2012

Guess who's back? Yes - if you guessed moi, you're so right. See....I look pretty much the same.
Notice the water bottle on my desk? There is always one within arms reach . 

After having a delightful (and long overdue) lunch with my friend and fellow blogger Ms. Lisa (who has a new vegan recipe website), I felt inspired again to write a fresh post. I have received several emails and notes from my other blogging friends wondering what I've been up to. BIG APOLOGIES for not even responding. There's really  no excuse for it and even though I had the best of intentions to send a note back - it just never happened. 

So what have I been up to over the past few months? Tons of travel! As much as I wish I could say it's been globe trotting Belgium/Italy/Germany/France type of travelling - it has been more like California and Wisconsin type of travelling where 90% of the time there is a uniform involved. The 'home-for-a-week-&-gone-for-a-week' routine is really getting old. 

As always, here's a brief recapp in pictures:

Today was full of spectacular yard sales. Look at the major scores I found!

Ebay has been on & off again since customers tend to get annoyed when you can't ship their items because you're out of town. I'm home for 2 weeks - so the listings are being added at warp speed.

I spent the night in Reno enroute to California - here are some of my dear military friends.

Clean and  pink lip-glossed up, my friend Barb and I are headed to California for 2 weeks of SUCK. 

Not typically one to complain - this was the WORST military experience of my life. Two weeks of living in a dirt floor tent, with no running water, porta-potties only, and a 1 mile hike to use the shower. Oh yeah...it was 112 degrees. It was so hot my toothbrush warped and the bristles fell out. SUMMARY: Dirty, disgusting and life changing. 

REWARD! : One delicious week is San Diego with Mr. C courtesy of Uncle Sam. I forgot my hat and was melting on the ferry. I'm sure everyone thought I was Muslim, ha. 

Margaritas at The Hotel Del Coronado! We just returned on Sunday.    

I miss everyone and hope you're doing well!


PS - blogger is putting a weird white box around my normal text. Anyone else having the same prob?

Lederhosen, German Choir and Blogging Breaks

I know.....I've been gone for awhile, but it doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything fun.

Remember when I said I had joined the German Society choir? We had our first concert last week and it was a huge success. Yes - all songs were in German. No......I don't speak German,  but I have learned how to pronounce the language correctly (even if I don't know what they mean). We have a huge festival in Canada the first part of June - and I can hardly wait (and you know there will be some great photos)!!

After the concert I changed into Lederhosen (boys lederhosen ...to be exact) and Mr. C and I danced to traditional German songs like the Butterfly and the polka. We love going to the German club, it is so much fun and the people there are geuninely wonderful. 

Wondering what my choir outfit looked like? It is truly hideous. The skirt looks like a bad curtain, and the peasant shirt is over sized and shapeless (read: you look 20lbs heavier instantly).

To my right is Ms. Helen. She's 84 and is the one that rocks black leather pants.
I've been traveling alot (not fun travel - work travel), and I leave again in the morning for another 2 weeks of training. But dont' worry - I'm still around in case you missed me.


DIY CHANDELIER - Inspired by Tiffany's!

A couple of years ago I found a hideous 70's chandelier at the thrift store and have been saving it for a 'rainy' day to paint and redo. With the new dressing room completed, I finally found the inspiration (and the space) for it. Here is the project in photos:

Hideous, right? I covered the white tips with painters tape to have some contrast against the silver.
Several thin coats of this.....

Isn't is amazing what spray paint can do? 

I had these extra mini fabric lampshades (originally black) and experimented with the paint.  I liked  how the dark trim peeks through on the edges - a unexpected result. The interior was gold, so I decided to keep them as is and stuffed the shades with garbage sacks to protect the finish.
Impressive, right? I think this my 'best' project to date.

I added a  14' ceiling dome (Home Depot, $24) that I painted to match, and finished it off with a simple champagne colored ribbon from my Nordstrom Easter package.

Thanks to Mr. C for hanging it for me.  

The lampshades were fabric, so I was surprised to see how shiny they turned out with the paint. If it looks like it's handing too low - it is. I need to move it up a few links, but for now I am enjoying the full view of the 'new' light.

The gold finish gives off a pretty (and flattering) glow.

COST BREAKDOWN: Lamp $3, Paint (2 cans) $9,  Ceiling Dome - $24, Labor - free, Lampshades - free, Ribbon - free TOTAL: $36! 

Get spray painting people - it's fun, creative and oh-so affordable.

MEOW MIX - Cat Shirts by THE GAP

MEOW MIX = part kitty, part adult. Who say little girls get to have all of the fun? 

There never seems to be enough cat clothes in my size. Now granted, there are always the bad holiday cat sweatshirts that are bedazzled and the wearer tends to have over sized hair and smeared lipstick (a cigarette dangling is highly likely as well...). I'm not talking about that type of cat shirt........ more specifically, I love the French themed kitties - those wearing accessories including false eyelashes and necklaces. 

Yes - this really says  "MEW". I melted......
Many times I have perused through the little girls section thinking, 'why doesn't that come in my size?". No.....I haven't lost my mind, and no....I'm not channelling my inner 5 year old. It's just that I think French kitties are a sweet image, and when it's paired with strong accessories, it's a fun and whimsical look. 

Gobs of eye shadow, a chain necklace and tender crystal drop earring balance the youthful feel of the shirt. 

I also picked up this frilly pink chiffon skirt at The Gap ($18).  I'm obviously being inspired by Ms. Kayla's skirt photo (2 postings back), and I'm craving the fullness of this youthful pretty skirt. Don't worry - I will pair this with a gray denim motorcycle jacket and rocker type accessories (no cats allowed with this skirt).

Cats + pink frilly +41 years old = trying to hard.
It's important to rough up the look with leather & denim to balance it out. 

The cat has sunglasses, flowers  AND pearls on - I couldn't resist.
I will pair this with skinny jeans, motorcycle boots and TONS of layered pearl necklaces. 

I wear a size 2 or 3, so girls XXL fits perfectly. Bonus: the clothes are 1/2 price compared to women's. Go get shopping, I know you want a cat shirt too. If you pick one up - send me your pic and I'll post it on my blog.

MEOW MIX sounds like a fun segment, no? 



Easter is one of my favorite holidays of the year. Not because I'm super religious - no......it's way more superficial than that. It's all about the EASTER BASKET. Remember when you were a kid and you would go on Easter egg hunts and in the morning you would find a basket full of candy and treats outside your door? (Ok.....technically I only remember that happening once as a kid, but I still remember how cool it was). 
Easter basket waiting for me in the bathroom

The Easter tradition continues with Mr. C. We have been together for over 3 years now, and each year he has spoiled me with an over-the-top Easter celebration. I know......what guy does that? I am BEYOND spoiled and I genuinely appreciate all of the gestures he does for me - both big and small. 

THE GOODS: Valentina perfume & body lotion, MAC eye makeup, a loot of perfume samples, Laura Mercier face cream, Nordstrom bag, DVF bag, Easter lilies and way too much chocolate by Rocky Mountain Chocolate company. I am loving his gift of the Valentina perfume. It's a light oriental scent with orange, tuberose and jasmine - so pretty and feminine without being overpowering. 

Already eaten.....of course. 
We shared a Sunday champagne brunch with our dear friends Eric and John and then skipped around town sampling desserts, more champagne and the random cup of coffee. We returned home 7 hours later and went for a run (Yes......we went running after all of that. Crazy, right? My fitness test is coming up - so no excuses). We wrapped up the day by watching 2 movies in the theater room downstairs and tried not to think about all of the things we have to do this week.  

Thanks for letting me brag about my awesome Easter. I hope you had a wonderful one as well.