Happy Sunday Everyone!

I wish I had an exciting post telling you I jaunting off to somewhere cool, but no.......I'm headed to work for 12 hours. I'm feeling hyper and silly today, so I thought I would continue the mood with one of my favorite YouTube videos about 'Whole Foods'.

If you haven't shopped here before, imagine any organic/green movement grocery store where the prices are 'over the top expensive' and the customers are snooty. This parody rap pokes fun at the store and amount of pain customers endure while shopping here. 

Enjoy and MUAH!!

PS - do you have a FAVORITE You Tube video? Please leave the link in your comments and I will watch all of them tonight.

EUROTRASH- a photo menagerie.

Every one's favorite posting - EURO TRASH! Where random photos are thrown together and given witty titles or comments. Ok, here we go:

The best weight gainer ice cream service ever. The glamorous tray and special spoon is standard and customized depending on what you order. Expensive (around $13) - but divine.

Vintage books for sale in France.
What a great idea - and such a cheap price.

Notice the bed of french fries underneath the sausages? This is MAN HEAVEN cuisine. You could go VEGETARIAN with the 3rd option in the back - FRENCH FRIES in a bun topped with mayonnaise. Barf.

It wouldn't be Euro Trash without MANPRIS! I hate to say it...but these are growing on me. Well, at least in this photo.

?????? - soooo random, but probably thrilling for all little boys and more men than you'd guess.

Barfy Twinseys (this is my term for matchy-matchy. Ie; honey...wear your black peacoat and jeans like me so we can be barfy twinseys. Get it?)
The tights looks super cute btw.

Cakes here are topped with fruit set in clear jello. Just in case you were looking for a way to  use up that box of pectin in the pantry - here you go.

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MODERN FRENCH INTERIOR DESIGN - check out the showroom

In France, I snuck in some photos of the local furniture store. This was in a mall, so not 'HIGH END' by any means - but definitely inspiring. I loved the lights and the splashes of bight colors against the gray furniture.

Notice how low the furniture is to the ground? I probably wouldn't put lime green in my house, but I think it looks modern and fresh here. 

Funky yet elegant. I wish I would have gotten a better photo of the light fixtures. It's plastic, but gorgeous and radiates a soft glow against the modern lines of the table and chairs.

Doesn't this look like something from IKEA? I'm not a fan of this one. I think it looks cheap - but I do like the color combo. 

IKEA - esque. Playful and inviting.

Simple lines. I like the light gray  - you could do anything with those couches.
The unique shape makes your typical Japanese lantern more interesting.

See the cool lamp shades (hot pink/turquoise)? I was dying to buy the multi colored one, but it doesn't go with anything and I wasn't going to carry a lamp shade around all day. I still love it though.

This hanging lantern inn called 'The Moon' and looked very realistic.

A sampling of hanging light fixtures

These paper mache'/origami domes are gorgeous and I saw these in several restaurants and boutiques. CRAFT IDEA!!!

Would you paint a wall lime green or turquoise in your home? I'm liking the idea of a gray couch....it would go with anything. What do you think?

Fabulous New French Perfume - Petite Cherie

Who doesn't love a new perfume? Especially when it is a FRENCH PERFUME and it has such a beautiful bottle and packaging. Luxury perfume maker Annick Goutal has come up with a fresh and playful new scent, that comes off as both innocent and provocative.

WHAT DOES IT SMELL LIKE? It  has a fresh and sparkling aroma of pear, peach, rose petals and vanilla.  It's DIVINE.

The bottle and marketing materials were inspired by the joie de vivre of the 1950′s. The bottle has a playful look with multi-colored polka dots drawn on the ribbon and hot pink finishes (who doesn't love hot pink?).

Here are some more inspiring photos for this delicious perfume....

Annick Goutal has several scents that are simpy 'BEYOND'. Have you tried any of them? Which one (or three) are your favorites??


Me....stealing borrowing your ideas.
I am sharing CRAFTING SECRETS for one of my blogging besties - MS. JELLO from Jello's Kitchen.

I am a sponsor on her blog, and I can't even begin to say how much I love reading her posts. Ms. Jello sells crafts on Etsy and is incredibly clever with marketing and blog promotions. She is the same person I shamelessly copied was inspired by for the Postcard Program.

See - don't you love her already?

So you're probably confused as to why I would wrote about CRAFTING SECRETS. I'm usually posting photos of fashion, hair, food, travel, embarrassing moments, etc....  

The confusion is understood......but let me explain.

'Crafting' as in 'INSPIRED BY'. 

I'm sharing with you photos (yes, more photos) of items in France, Germany and Austria that I found intriguing/inspiring/MONEY POTENTIAL ideas. Being a business woman by nature, I am always on the lookout for ideas to make extra $$$. I found these items intriguing, and maybe you too.  
Go check out my posting and say HELLO to Ms. JELLO! Hey.....that rhymes.

Hiking? Non. France? Oui!

Due to horrible rainy weather and work delays, my HIKING TRIP to AUSTRIA was cancelled. Rather than stick around the base, I headed to East to STRASBOURG FRANCE instead. Not that I was disappointed about giving up a hiking trip since a weekend (or any amount of time) in France is my absolute favorite thing to do. 

Remember when I bought my striped tights from H&M but was hesitant to wear them due to looking like a mime?

I decided France was the perfect place to rock the black stripes. Paired with impractical shoes - they made for a fun outfit. What do you think?

Yes, I did the 'crazy alone girl' photo shoot in the elevator. I just HAD to SHARE the tights with my fellow bloggers.

HONESTY DISCLAIMER: I made it one block in these shoes. Seriously - cobblestones and stilettos are brutal enemies. My fab black heels were switched out for knee-high flat black boots. Buh-oring.

Is there a European Secret on how to wear high heels on the jagged cobblestone streets? I was a hot mess trying to get around in them. Any tips would be helpful.

GUEST POST: People Watching - Vacation Style!

Hey y'all! I'm Tiffany and I blog over at Figuring Out The Plot. I'm so excited to be doing a guest post for Hot Pink Combat Boots today!

When Michelle emailed me and said that she'd love a post about FASHION, I sort of FREAKED OUT. I'm no fashionista by a long shot. I give you Exhibit A:

That would be me, circa 1994. Green velvet dress complete with plaid bow, crimped hair and black flats. Lordy, what WAS my mother thinking?!?

Since me writing about fashion was clearly not a viable option, I went for choice #2: PEOPLE WATCHING!!  You see, over the years I've built up a pretty good collection of people watching photos from my various trips. (It's no man pris, but you know!) I thought that I'd share a few of my favorites with you today. We'll call it "People Watching - Vacation Style!"

Bay to Breakers 2010.
Bay to Breakers is an awesome 7.5 mile race through the streets of San Francisco. The whole city dresses up in constume or nothing at all (runners included) and comes out for a whole day of partying in the streets. It is THE most fun running event ever. And here we go with my favorites.

These guys were super clever. The short one's shirt said "I bring the funk." The tall guy says "He really does bring the funk." 

Switzerland 2009.
I was actually really impressed by the fashionable people I saw on my European adventure. And then one afternoon we were walking around in Montreux on our way to the Castle de Chillon and we came across this guy.
I call him Kermit. He confirmed I like a boy in board shorts. My cousin got really mad at me for taking his picture. But my rule is that if you put it out there, it's fair game.

San Francisco July 4, 2008.
I was living in San Francisco during the summer of 2008 and my best friends from college came to visit. We ended up stumbling upon this concert in the park and having the best time! I feel like this concert was the epitome of San Francisco.....a whole bunch of people who have nothing in common all coming together to dance in the park. Love. It.
And there was the band.....Notorious. They were beyond awesome. Here we have a white member's only jacket. Hello 1980! This guy was super cute and a great singer, so he totally pulled it off.

Red, white and blue leather pants. On a guy who reminded me of someone from Love Actually. I do love me a guitar player!

Here is a shot of the crowd. See what I mean? We have a man in army garb and a flag, a girl in a hard hat, a woman in sweat pants....but everyone was dancing. It was perfect.

Virginia 2011.
And now, the grandaddy of them all, folks. Back in May I flew out to D.C. to attend the Virginia Gold Cup Steeplechase. While the horses were my favorite part, the people watching was just beyond amazing. I did 2 whole post on the hats and the outfits, but today I picked out my top 4.

This was my pick for hat of the day. It was like a hat and flower pot all at the same time.

Everyone asked me if this next character was Richard Simmons. Sadly, the answer was no. But he does love America.

Apparently these guys were at an argyle convention. Love it!

And these were my favorite item of the whole day. Silk pants. Red. With a pattern. Where I come from, men only wear jeans. With boots. This was a culture shocker!

Hope you guys enjoyed my reminiscing! Feel free to stop by Figuring Out The Plot and say hi! Happy summer, vacations, and people watching to all!


No, it's not another CATFIGHT. This time its CAT LOVE with one of my favorite Austrailian bloggers Talitha, from the cool blog T TIME Chatter. I'm allergic to cats, so I live vicasioulsy through all of my blogging freinds that share thier meow-meows on thier blog (hint hint - if you have cats, please post photos......).

Ms. Talitha has graciously agreed to guest post for me while I'm hiking this weekend. Ch ch check her out - she's pretty cool. Oh yeah, she's great at cooking, crafting and overall goodness too.

Ok Ms. Tal - TAKE IT AWAY! .......

Hello my sweets! The lovely Michelle let me steal the spotlight for a guest post. My name is Tal and I thought I would introduce you to the kitty behind the camera, also known as Tigger aka 'Le Chat'.

Hi - I'm Le CHAT

Now I might seem like a crazy cat lady (only a few cats off this), but I am mostly all there.


Now I'm not just going to talk about my cat....that would be boring and venturing more into crazy cat lady zone! But I will talk about animal print. This is back in fashion now more so than ever (except maybe the 70's hehe). I love it! You have your leopard print.........
Animal Print 1

Wet Seal flat shoes
$27 - wetseal.com

Oasis animal print scarve
£12 - oasis-stores.com

Dorothy Perkins hair bow accessory
£5 - dorothyperkins.com

I love the flats! So dang cute. And your zebra print...........
Animal Print 2

All Saints zebra dress
$139 - allsaints.com

Wet seal

Dorothy Perkins zebra print ring
£7.50 - dorothyperkins.com

Zebra ring
$114 - nationaljeancompany.com

Do you rock the prints?

Paired with a simple outfit animal print can really vamp up your outfit. If you are too wary to go full crazy, add a little bow here, or a slim belt there. Just a little 'MEOW' to your look.

Anyhoo, that's all from me. Come visit my blog and say hello. Thanks again Michelle!

Tal xx