While in Munich I went to a high end department store, and inside the cosmetic department was an elegant yet modern Veuve Clicquot's champagne bar. I was instantly lured to the modern lounge and ordered myself an OVER-PRICED glass of champagne ($20). 

Champagne inside a department store? I was LIVING THE DREAM.

While sipping on my champagne and feeling exceptionally GRATEFUL for everything, in strolls 'Madame Glamorous' with her FUR coat (it's 80 degrees outside btw), jewels, perfect makeup and bleached blonde hair (just like me!). Not to mention the final over the top accessory was an incredible first run Prada handbag. Lucky.....

She too was living the dream as she ordered her self a glass of Rose Champagne and chatted-up the CUTE BARTENDER. 

MADAME GLAMOROUS? Yes dolls-  she is my newly appointed European mom. (in hindsight a crap choice for a mom since I'll never see her again.....). I was dying to meet her. I don't know why - she really intrigued me. Haven't you ever seen someone you felt compelled to talk to?

As she orders a bottle of Rose to go ($200 btw), I muster up the courage to tell her she's fabulous and ask to have a photo taken with her. Of course she HAPPILY obliges, and says she has a friend in LA but always has room for more American friends. Awwww, how sweet.
Madame Glamorous!
Excuse my maternity looking shirt. You know how something looks great in the mirror then see yourself later and you're like, "what was I thinking?". Yep - that was this shirt. I should have worn a belt and a scarf.

I handed her my blog card and she said she would visit my blog. Madame Glamorous - if you're out there please say hello. And maybe send me a better pic too....sorry for the crap photo!  


Miss K said...

i am loving these posts from your trip! how super super glamorous to have a champagne bar at a dept store! love your overseas mummy too!

Claudia Moser said...

Respect Michelle! When you want something you go and get it :)

Gawgus things... said...

How wonderful and good on you for speaking to her - don't suppose she shared her bottle of champers with you?! xxx

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Madame Glamorous looks so smug in that photo. I love that you have so many stories from you weekend away x

Lisa said...

What a perfect shopping experience! We need something like that here in the states. A champagne-makeover at Nordstroms might be kind of fun!

You both look very chic btw!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

I know right?! Why can't Nordstrom have something like this? When you're busy shopping, its nice to take a break and relax without having to find a coffee shop or deal with chaos of a busy cafe.

Champagne bars should be everywhere. Hmmm, maybe I'm on to something here.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

@ Gawgus things - good point on the champagne sharing. That would have been amazing - but no, I'm sure she had big plans for it. Who just drops $200 on a bottle of champagne while shopping? So glamorous and over the top.