EUROTRASH- a photo menagerie.

Every one's favorite posting - EURO TRASH! Where random photos are thrown together and given witty titles or comments. Ok, here we go:

The best weight gainer ice cream service ever. The glamorous tray and special spoon is standard and customized depending on what you order. Expensive (around $13) - but divine.

Vintage books for sale in France.
What a great idea - and such a cheap price.

Notice the bed of french fries underneath the sausages? This is MAN HEAVEN cuisine. You could go VEGETARIAN with the 3rd option in the back - FRENCH FRIES in a bun topped with mayonnaise. Barf.

It wouldn't be Euro Trash without MANPRIS! I hate to say it...but these are growing on me. Well, at least in this photo.

?????? - soooo random, but probably thrilling for all little boys and more men than you'd guess.

Barfy Twinseys (this is my term for matchy-matchy. Ie; honey...wear your black peacoat and jeans like me so we can be barfy twinseys. Get it?)
The tights looks super cute btw.

Cakes here are topped with fruit set in clear jello. Just in case you were looking for a way to  use up that box of pectin in the pantry - here you go.

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Claudia Moser said...

The icecream looks cool :)

Jello♥ said...

haha! Star Wars dudes...? really?

= )

Miss K said...

i love these posts!

1. frieds on hot dogs could be delish. def need to try this at home.

2. i think man pris could be good if done right.

3. jello on cake- disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Bahaha this is sooo much more fun than people-watching at the mall or Walmart!

The ice cream and coffee looks delish! It's making me long for beignets and cafe au lait from New Orleans for some reason...

"Man-pris" may become a world wide trend. At least this guy has his whole "look" together with the normal khaki color.

Anything with jello is so gross. It always seems to have a "skin" on it. Yuck!

The barfy twinseys are hilarious! Do you think they're momma and daughter?

Hannah said...

I'm so tempted to do a Eurotrash- Ireland edition... You would LOL so much.. :o) I may get on to this :o) you could write a little guide to snapping pics without attracting attention to yourself, that would help me to not make a total fool of Myself. :o) xxx

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

I cant believe that I actually dont mind the manpris on that guy as well. What is happening to us?

xStroutx said...

Ha! Amusingly I am watching Star wars right now... I'd probably get excited if I saw some storm troopers and a Chewbacca walking around. :o/

Shana said...

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Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi Hannah! YES - you should do an Irish Version. I would love to see what is going on over there. I'll put something together on sneaky camera skills. You know that will be a humorous post since my sneaky skills suck. That's why the photos are always of their backsides and people are looking at me strangely in others. Ha

Ms. Green T and C: Hi Doll - I know...what is happening to us? We were so against the wearing of manpris inititally. I think the initial versions were so bad, no amount of layering or accesories would help them.

Tangled in Texas - I forgot about the skin on jello. That is gross. The kicker here is the jello isn't even sweet, it's just.....pectin. I think the barfy twinseys are mom/daughter. It was pretty cute to see them matching skirts - they stood out like a sore thumb.

Miss K - if you make the dog/fry combo, please take pics and let me know how they tasted. I suppose they are delicious separately, how could it be wrong??

Any other bites on EuroTrash for other regions. It doesn't have to be Europe...

Nikki's World said...

The star war dudes are creepy. I think I would walk the other way.

I think you need to give some of those people some fashion sense( the women that match).

Krista said...

I think I gained weight reading this :)