Busted at the Train Station

Seriously....... how do I keep getting caught for fines by the Polezei? 

Somehow between the ticket booth at the train station and getting FIFI loaded onto the train, I lost my ticket.

Of all days, today the Polezei was on board and asked me for my ticket.

Shocker.....he didn't believe that I 'LOST' it.  He was patient though as he watched me go through each pocket and shopping bag frantically. I'm sure he gets the same excuse 20 times a day.

Guess what? NO TICKET = 40 euros (that's $60 for my American readers).

Shysa, really?!?! I already paid the 4e for the ticket, and now I have to shell out another 40e because I can't find it. Suck.

Thank god I had the cash on me. I wonder what would have happened if I didn't. Anyone know?

At least my hair looked dry good.

Hanging out with Fifi next to the bathroom on the train. I always have the worst backgrounds. See her stickers? She's starting to look more traveled, and less shiny and new. However...there have been some problems with FIFI. I'll explain in another post. It's been BEYOND 'temper tantrums'.


Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Bigger than a Tanty I cant wait to hear about that!!!

Kelli Nørgaard said...

This happened to me once in Copenhagen, but I think the guy felt sorry for me... and I got a warning! :-)

And I LOVE that your bike is FIFI! We should introduce her to DAPHNE! (mine)

Krista said...

That sucks!

I love the picture of you and FIFI you look like a badass!

Selina. said...

you should have done what i have done in that situation, speak really fast and look like you could cry...usually they let you off! its so harsh 40 euros because you lost your ticket :( meaan.

also i'm having a giveaway over at mine which i think you might like ;)

Talitha said...

$60 wow, when we get caught without a ticket its $200! When I was caught drinking on the train station it was $400. I have our rail system haha.

And fifi looks so cool :)

I told the fiance if he wanted me to start riding a bike I wanted one with a basket on the front and tassels on the handle bars haha

Talitha xx

Tanya said...

aww, maaaaaaaaaan, that sucks! you need some of my getting-off-with-a-warning luck!!!

oh the plus side, you look really cute :D

Pleemiller said...

you have the best travel luck!!!!! guess you always need to plan to carry extra cash...fifi is looking more fashionable. p

VainGlorySinner said...

I was on the train about a month ago when I was over hearing a woman and the train conductor having a heated argument over her train ticket. She'd got on the train thinking she had a open return but she hadn't. He told her that she had to pay £65 but she didn't have that much on her so he told her to get off at the next stop!

Once I was in a similar predicament! An ex of mine had booked some train tickets for me to visit home.. it turned out he booked the wrong date and I was on the train a day early! I was not very happy at all and had to pay £60.

Another time I was on a coach and stopped off in Birmingham for a change to Bristol.. I knew I had a 15 minute wait for my change so I went into the toilet to freshen up and use the loo.. the coach had arrived earlier than expected and was pulling off just as I came out of the ladies. Luckily the help desk people took pity on me and let me get the next coach for no extra charge.. I just had to wait around for 3 hours! x

Beth said...

If you didn't have cash, most train people (haha) carry those hand held credit card machines, because they figure you spent your cash or are saving it. That really sucks though :( sorry

xStroutx said...

You look very cool, even if your background isn't epic. That sucks about the fine but its a $100 on the spot fine here for no ticket so it could be worse!

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