Me....stealing borrowing your ideas.
I am sharing CRAFTING SECRETS for one of my blogging besties - MS. JELLO from Jello's Kitchen.

I am a sponsor on her blog, and I can't even begin to say how much I love reading her posts. Ms. Jello sells crafts on Etsy and is incredibly clever with marketing and blog promotions. She is the same person I shamelessly copied was inspired by for the Postcard Program.

See - don't you love her already?

So you're probably confused as to why I would wrote about CRAFTING SECRETS. I'm usually posting photos of fashion, hair, food, travel, embarrassing moments, etc....  

The confusion is understood......but let me explain.

'Crafting' as in 'INSPIRED BY'. 

I'm sharing with you photos (yes, more photos) of items in France, Germany and Austria that I found intriguing/inspiring/MONEY POTENTIAL ideas. Being a business woman by nature, I am always on the lookout for ideas to make extra $$$. I found these items intriguing, and maybe you too.  
Go check out my posting and say HELLO to Ms. JELLO! Hey.....that rhymes.


Jello♥ said...

hey! missy! thanks for guest posting over my lil' world! i really enjoyed reading your post! very smart and clever!

= )

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Off to check it out :)

Bibi said...

Read your post over on her blog and loved it!
so are you participating in the postcard swap? If so, I'd love to swap with you :)
Mind if I follow you? Your blog looks mighty interesting!
♥ Bibi

Tassos P said...

Hey, great choice! I loved her button creations :)
I love your persistence in looking for new ideas to convert them to $$, I do too :)

European kisses dear :)