The mail is here is LAME. Some items show up in a week, and others.....well, they can take up to 2 MONTHS. This week was my POSTCARD BONANZA as I receieved several postcards from some of my sweet blogger besties.


Ms. Kristen at LOVE, LIPSTICK and PEARLS sent me this fabulous post card from the glittery city of Los Angeles. Visit her entertaining blog - especially on Fridays when she has the HOT MAN PARADE. Who doesn't love Fridays!! Oh and take a peek at her amazing wedding photos and creative ideas. You'll be blown away!

The lovely Ms. Talitha from T TIME CHATTER sent me this GORGEOUS post card from AUSTRALIA. I need to visit this gorgeous city - WOW ! Check out Ms. Talitha's blog - she posts about  fashion, cooking and her sweet photos of her CATS (you know I'm a fan!).

The gorgeous Ms. Lisa from THE WRITE JOURNEY sent me this witty postcard.  It's true...... Seattle rains ALL OF THE TIME. But it's those few sunny days that keep you in LOVE with the city. Ms. Lisa is a writer, vegan cook and has already published two children books. Pop over to her blog - its very entertaining (and of course well written)!
Blog follower Ms. April Taylor sent me this gorgeous postcard from Muskegon, Michigan. This is above the fireplace of a lumber baron's home from 1889. Could you  imagine having this in your living room? There just isn't enough stained glass anymore. Thank you April - it's been fun exchanging post cards with you!

Thanks Mom.

Would you like to exchange postcards with me? Get the details HERE!


Tiffany said...

You've got one from New Mexico on the way...mailed it today! :)


Tanya said...

Ok i'm finally going to do the postcard thing!! Just emailed you :)

Gawgus things... said...

I am moving forward with the postcard - I've written it, now just need to get it in the post box ;) xxxx

Miss K said...

so fun! i can't wait to continue our postcard exchange!

love the WA rain card, freaking hilarious!

Anonymous said...

freaking awesome! you have more coming your way (from me obvs)