I debuted the horrific trend of 'Man Capris' a couple of months ago after a trip to Western Germany, and we all gasped in unison at how unfortunate looking these pants were on men. 

The stylish Ms. Bonnie from Glam Kittens Litter Box commented the other day about them and called them 'MAN PRIS'.  The term is  perfect - so from here on out - man capris will be referred to as MAN PRIS. Thanks Ms. Bonnie!

BAD NEWS though - this trend is NOT going away. If anything, it is growing in popularity as I have seen American men sporting the new style on base. (Not that soldiers are style icons by any means; but they bring thier style home to the states and its all DOWNHILL from there. Who do you think revolutioned 'Under Armour' clothing as suitable outfits? Or how about the dreaded HOODY and jean short combo?).

The GOOD NEWS is they can be worn in a stylish manner, so not all Man Pris are taboo. It will only be a matter of time before your guy BUSTS OUT his Old NAVY or Gap MAN PRIS. Don't say I didn't warn you.........

I actually like this look. Very nautical, however you don't see very many people wearing flip flops so I'm wondering if he's American.

OK..... these aren't so bad either. Sort of a HIKER/GNOME sort of look. It works and looks better than the BORING alternate of a polo shirt and khaki shorts with white tennis shoes.

Total overkill with the aviation look. 
I'm not sure what the 'look' was supposed to be.....

The HORROR. This is what should be banned.  Acid washed PLUS shoes and socks. The only way these could be worse is if they were too tight or had front pleats. Or both.

Not technically Man Pris since he rolled them up, but I'll include it with this posting since it looks odd. Is that a women's shirt and jacket?  The buttons are on the right.

Racks and racks of Man Pris are everywhere.
See the red ones? Red is all of the rage right now for
jeans, skirts, shorts and leggings.

Subtle options!

Ok what do you think?
Do you like it? Hate it? Meh?


Bonnie said...

Thanks for the shout-out love! <3 I just call 'em as I see 'em.

Mr. A had a pair of manpris a couple of months ago. While he was at work, I threw them away.
Don't tell anyone.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Anonymous said...

OMG how funny! I can safely say that I hope "Man Pris" go away! Although the men in the "Nautical" and "Gnome" pics aren't *that* bad. Why wouldn't you just wear shorts?

Anonymous said...

OMG how funny! I can safely say that I hope "Man Pris" go away! Although the men in the "Nautical" and "Gnome" pics aren't *that* bad. Why wouldn't you just wear shorts?

Lindsey said...

HORRIBLE! No man should wear capris!! Ever. Under any circumstance.

Krista said...

well...I will say that Europeans SEEM (I have no idea) much more open to different styles. Who am I too judge and let live is my motto!

Helga! said...

Not a big fan,although the ones you pointed out as not too bad I quite agree with!And I quite like the aviation style!!! But then,I do like a bit of costume!!!
Men's clothing is pretty sad in general,really.Poor buggers just don't have the choices we have!

The Fashionable Traveler said...

All I can say is there is a time and a place for everything. With few exceptions, "Man Pri's" belong on the beach with chic sandals, and a mariner tee.

Miss K said...

i don't like the look, but i think the right man in the right outfit could pull it off.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Well.... it seems that we are basically on the same page with Man Pris.

If they have to be worn, there are some styles that look better than others. Overall, the opinion is the guys should stay away from the middle length, and make a decision between pants or shorts.

Geez, what's next? The super short-shorts from the 70's? Weren't they cordoroy (sp?) too, with front pockets? I vaguely remember my Dad wearing these. They were bad (and not the cool kind of bad).

xStroutx said...

As awful as the man pris are, I think the summer shorts (short, TIGHT denim shorts) that have been rampant here the last few years, and the threat of the business short that I've witnessed a thankfully very few time are worse. Also still sadly common here are the stubbies, especially in the older generations. Hideous.

Lisa said...

The guy 'shorts' that go just below the knee are great, but I'm not feeling the man pris. Uh unh. I just think... wear the longer shorts and call it good.

Hiker/Gnome... heehe!

Anonymous said...

When women start wearing heels instead of shoes, then maybe it'll make sense for men to go back to their conservatively circumscribed gender roles. Srsly though, you Americans suck at fashion, so I don't why you bother with European styles.