No, it's not another CATFIGHT. This time its CAT LOVE with one of my favorite Austrailian bloggers Talitha, from the cool blog T TIME Chatter. I'm allergic to cats, so I live vicasioulsy through all of my blogging freinds that share thier meow-meows on thier blog (hint hint - if you have cats, please post photos......).

Ms. Talitha has graciously agreed to guest post for me while I'm hiking this weekend. Ch ch check her out - she's pretty cool. Oh yeah, she's great at cooking, crafting and overall goodness too.

Ok Ms. Tal - TAKE IT AWAY! .......

Hello my sweets! The lovely Michelle let me steal the spotlight for a guest post. My name is Tal and I thought I would introduce you to the kitty behind the camera, also known as Tigger aka 'Le Chat'.

Hi - I'm Le CHAT

Now I might seem like a crazy cat lady (only a few cats off this), but I am mostly all there.


Now I'm not just going to talk about my cat....that would be boring and venturing more into crazy cat lady zone! But I will talk about animal print. This is back in fashion now more so than ever (except maybe the 70's hehe). I love it! You have your leopard print.........
Animal Print 1

Wet Seal flat shoes
$27 -

Oasis animal print scarve
£12 -

Dorothy Perkins hair bow accessory
£5 -

I love the flats! So dang cute. And your zebra print...........
Animal Print 2

All Saints zebra dress
$139 -

Wet seal

Dorothy Perkins zebra print ring
£7.50 -

Zebra ring
$114 -

Do you rock the prints?

Paired with a simple outfit animal print can really vamp up your outfit. If you are too wary to go full crazy, add a little bow here, or a slim belt there. Just a little 'MEOW' to your look.

Anyhoo, that's all from me. Come visit my blog and say hello. Thanks again Michelle!

Tal xx


Selina. said...

i'd love a pair of leopard flats i used to have some and managed to wear a huge hole in them before i got rid of them!

I am definitely a crazy cat lady! i just don't have a cat yet :P

Talitha said...

Yay, thanks Michelle :)

Barby said...

Great post! :)

I love animal prints but don't have it in my closet :/ Have to buy some cute stuff.

I really like the flats, sooo cute!

Anonymous said...

im a bit obsessed with animal prints! i love leopard flats :)

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Thank you Talitha!! You were such a big help and I am crazy over your cat posting.

Michelle ;)