Beaten Betty and Fat Pants

Happy Sunday everyone!

BEATEN BETTY and I have been hanging out and having a blast on our days off. Last week we stumbled upon a festival in the nearby city where we perused the food booths and took-in the people watching. If that wasn't enough -  we pigged out on ice cream before riding our bikes back home. Such a fun day!

Beaten Betty - you can read her story HERE.
Quick refresher: she was the one being picked on by BLACK CAT. She is a massage therapist in the real world, and has the BEST stories ever.

Roasted salmon on cedar planks. I have no idea where all of this salmon is coming from. Its like I'm still in Washington but with more interesting buildings.

Vegetable Ragout - served with the salmon

Kebab goodness

Sausages Galore

And if that wasn't enough, we topped off our indulgent day with a rum-soaked raisin ice cream sundae and stiff cup of black coffee. Pure Bliss!
All of this delicious food has WRECKED HAVOC on my figure. Some days my clothes fit, and other days I might as well forget it. I've always been this petite little thing, and now I'm more......meaty. Oh well.......I'll just continue to work-out even more so I can minimize the damage to my waistline.

Thank god for FAT PANTS, yoga pants.

Here are upcoming posts you can look forward to this week:

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TUESDAY - FIFI gets pretty, thanks to some sweet bloggers

WEDNESDAY - Men are stylish too! A feature on what men are wearing in Germany

THURSDAY - I don't know yet Exciting Mystery Post

FRIDAY - Man Capris!!!!


Sarah Elisabeth said...

Yum!! That all looks delish! I wouldn't blame you for pigging out! Have a nice Sunday!

Miss K said...

yummy! all this summer food is wreaking havoc on my waistline too! could just be the beer though.

can't wait for this week's posts!

Bonnie said...

It looks like you ladies had an absolute blast!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Andi said...

OH god, I would have totally pigged out too!

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

That food looks so devine Nom Nom Nom.

Lisa said...

Looks like you are having a blast! It makes me want to take a trip to Germany and catch up with you lovely ladies :)

Val said...

All of that food looks so incredible!

Anonymous said...

all that sausage makes my mouth water (as i sit here eating a bland sandwich blahhh).

when i first saw this post, i seriously though "beaten betty" was betty ford because that is all i see from the US news headlines. probably going to hell for that.

Tanya said...

holy shcmolly!!! i need fat pants from just looking at those pics.. WOW!