Fabulous New French Perfume - Petite Cherie

Who doesn't love a new perfume? Especially when it is a FRENCH PERFUME and it has such a beautiful bottle and packaging. Luxury perfume maker Annick Goutal has come up with a fresh and playful new scent, that comes off as both innocent and provocative.

WHAT DOES IT SMELL LIKE? It  has a fresh and sparkling aroma of pear, peach, rose petals and vanilla.  It's DIVINE.

The bottle and marketing materials were inspired by the joie de vivre of the 1950′s. The bottle has a playful look with multi-colored polka dots drawn on the ribbon and hot pink finishes (who doesn't love hot pink?).

Here are some more inspiring photos for this delicious perfume....

Annick Goutal has several scents that are simpy 'BEYOND'. Have you tried any of them? Which one (or three) are your favorites??


Tassos P said...

That's a really fine and classy bottle and your description sounds great but how great would be if you could share its aroma online too :) would that be the so called 4D :)
Great tip dear, my wife is looking for a new perfume and we both almost reach faint while trying to find a new great one in those perfume floors of the big stores :)
I hope it can be found in Amsterdam!

xStroutx said...

Ahhhh you've gotta love a good french perfume. this sounds nice and fruity too, exactly how I like my perfumes to be. I'm going to have to seek this one out

Lisa said...

I love a good perfume. But I get bored with the same fragrance quickly. I love picking up tiny samples of great perfumes. That way by the time I'm ready to move onto something else,(which is fairly quick) it's gone, or almost gone. :)

Talitha said...

Thanks for the post Michelle, I have been after a new fresh scent for ages.
I'll see if I can hunt down this down in Australia :)

Looks so pretty too.

Talitha xx

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi Tassos P - 4d, as in a vlog?? I've been contemplating doing one. The problem is my attention span can be limited, so I tend to look around alot. Doesn't make for the best vlogging material.

Hi Lisa! I love samples too, but they always disappear in my bag.

Hi Xtstroutx and Talitha! This perfume is new to me. I guess it was released last fall, so I'm a bit late in discovering it. I bet you two can find it in Australia. Or at least track down a sample for free.