THRIFT STORE SCORE - Paul Green Boots!

I finally found a decent THRIFT STORE  - and this is the gem I've been searching for all along. It's a small store off the beaten path and  packed with goodies and treasures. 

MAJOR SCORE: I found these Paul Green boots in my size ( a 1/2 size which is hard to find over here) and were BRAND NEW. I paid 30e ($45) for them, and now I see Nordstrom is carrying them in  a NOT-AS-COOL version for $449!!! 

So what is the BIG DEAL with these boots? I had no idea until I did some research. Here's the scoop:

PAUL GREEN boots are made in Austria with highest quality leather and are DESIGNED to be worn on the UNSTABLE cobbled stone streets. See how the edges are rounded and sloped up?

I wore these all weekend long during my last trip and my feet felt great the entire time. Now if they were only this comfortable with a sexy heel, I would be set!

Does anyone have any suggestions for cute-yet-comfortable shoes???

What is your biggest thrift/vintage score??


Anonymous said...

Wow! So cute!

My most favorite comfortable shoes are Jessica Simpson ballet flats (with the cap toe like a toe shoe!), New Balance tennis shoes, or Sanuk flip flops (a gift from my m-i-l)

My best vintage/thrift store finds are:
1. Mint condition brown Jimmy Choo leather heels from Buffalo Exchange in Dallas for $30!
2. Black leather Charles David knee high boots at a garage sale (like new condition) for $10. I just bought them b/c they were cute. It wasn't until a later date when I was watching the "King of Queens" TV show. Carrie's f-i-l was going through her closet and he said something like "$400 for boots? Who is this Charles David?" Well, I Googled CD and well, his boots are pricey!

Andi said...

Those are awesome, gorgeous color. I have not been in a thrift shop in a long time, a year and a half ago in New York City where I found a vintage Chanel suit for $500...oh how I wanted to buy it!

Helga! said...

Hello there,gorgeous!!!
Great bloody score on the boots,I was just looking at something similar today,but nowhere near the quality(or fab price!) Practical and stylish-doesn't happen very often!
I'm going to peruse some of your previous posts,I can see I've been missing out!

Tanya said...

Awesome find, lady!!!! these would be perfect for "urban-hiking" :)

Anonymous said...

embarrassed to say, but my fav shoes for walking and touring are minnetonka moccasins :) LOL~

victoryvintageb said...

Ahh..those are amazing! Love hearing about your thrift shopping. My greatest Thrift store find was a Narcisco Rodriguez gown worth over $2500 and found it right here in Central Arkansas! LOVE it when you have a crazy find day! Who gets rid of these things I always persons trash..anothers' treasure forever!