Yes, there is a Burka Barbie.
Did you know that France considers the wearing of BURKAs a form of a serious fashion crime ENSLAVEMENT? As a result, France has banned the wearing of BURKAS and the residing Muslims have either conformed or moved elsewhere. 
Guess where they moved to?

Yep, you're right - Munich. 

Odd isn't it? This is the MOTHERLAND of ALCOHOL and PORK. Why would Muslims want to come here?? 

Wouldn't it be a pain to shop at H&M while wearing this?

Oil Sheik - probably from Dubai or Al Udeid

This reminds me of Sex and the City 2 where the women were rocking designer clothers under thier Burkas. These red pants are not very stylish, but I passed several women with gobs of makeup on and fantastic shoes.


In the Louis Vuitton store, there were TWO WOMEN in BURKAS at the cash register. They had several purses and wallets lined up on the counter. 

I couldn't help it..... I  had to linger and find out what their final total was. Are you ready for it? 

It was 66,000e! (that's $90,000 in American dollars for my US friends).

Can you believe it? Just at LV no less.... I about choked. Prada, Gucci and Rolex was right next door - so I'm sure it was a good sales day for everyone.

Madge-- courtesy of Louis Vuitton
I suppose if you can't show off your clothes, you better be rocking an amazing handbag! What is the most you've ever spent on a handbag?


Miss K said...

holy hell. i couldn't IMAGINE spending that much on anything besides a home. they just bought like 3(!!!!!) of my cars. 3!!! i'm hyperventilating.

Gawgus things... said...

If only, eh?! I spent rather a lot on my Fendi Spy Bag and to be honest, it looks rubbish now. The leather was sooo soft, it's really worn and looks mega tatty. That was almost a month's wages! XX

Anonymous said...

I'll never forget: I went to Paris once and strolled down the Champs. There were groups of women in burkas everywhere. And they all carried huge shopping bags from Dior, LV, Prada, Gucci, etc. I figured they must rock some bad-ass purses AND panties.

AC Quigley said...

I've watched ladies in burkas shop in Harrods in London - they load trolley loads of stuff and I never saw them once check out the price tag!

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

If only, we can all dream can't we xxx

Talitha said...

$90,000! Holy Shamoly! I think the most I ever spent was $80 haha...I'm such a tight ass.

Talitha xx

Tanya said...

uh.....90K in a single purchase? I think I just died. I'm always curious what these women (or their husbands for that matter) do for a living to make THAT kind of money!

Anonymous said...

the most i have ever spent on a handbag is like 120 bucks. no lie....while i may love all things fashion, i lay my bag on bathroom floors...i just can't justify spending much on one LOL