I received the BEAUTIFUL BUTTON - Look who I tagged next!

 Thank you to fellow blogger Ms. Emma who tagged me with the 'I feel most beautiful when' button. Check out Emma's fun blog at: http://behindtheleopardglasses.blogspot.com/. Interesting tidbit about Emma, I think she wins every blog giveaway out there. It's just incredible. Check out her blog to discover her tricks and free purchases.  

The rules are:
- Say the times when you feel most beautiful
- Tag 5 beautiful bloggers & tell them about the tag!

I feel most beautiful when.......
  1. I spent an hour getting ready and I've been spray tanned (everything looks better with a bit of color)
  2. Someone in thier teens or 20's tells me I'm pretty. I love the youngster comments.
  3. When Mr. C keeps giving me puppy-dog eyes
  4. After a glass or two of red wine
  5. When I have done something thoughtful and considerate for someone else 

 I tag the following bloggers: 
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  2. Fabulous but Evil
  3. Green Tea and Cupcakes
  4. Jello
  5. Nikkis World

Dressed for a Queen?

I was finally able to watch the fabulous royal wedding today (it is plastered all over the German networks), and I could not help but feel a bit let down by the Queen's conservative yellow suit. She looked beautiful, but the suit was well, how should I say it .........dull.

Fairy tales, movies and childhood dreams paint the picture of Queen's wearing a diamond crown, rare jewels, an over the top gorgeous dress with gold braiding and velvet (or someother imported material from a far off country). Considering the majority of women in attendance had very flashy hats on, I thought the Queen could have worn something more dramatic to show off her royalty and status to the world.

I understand not wanting to compete with the bride, but when the men are dressed in full regalia, couldn't we expect to see more pomp and circumstance when it comes to the Queen?

Opinions? Thoughts?

What time is it? Where am I?

To follow up with my middle seat posting, no one was interested in my $100 offering to give up thier aisle or window seat. It could have been a $1,000 with the same answer of "no, are you crazy?".  I moved to row 46 and sat in the middle of the middle row.

The plane was packed so tightly that my knees were touching the seat in front of me (I'm only 5'4), and there was not enough room to take my boots off without rolling over on top of the stranger next to me. In my case, I was flanked by two females: one was a young special agent and the other was a witty and positive brunette from the south.

To avoid freaking out during the claustrophobic 8 hour flight, I popped an Ambien, put in ear plugs, put on my satin eye mask and supported my neck with a travel pillow. I literally did not wake up until the plane was doing a sharp decent towards the base. Can you believe it? I can't. Typically I'm going to the loo and fidgeting the entire flight.

I vaguely remember the Special Agent (picture an unassuming petite black girl with a buzz cut) keeping water cups on my tray which I subconciously drank whenever I came to consciousness. God bless pharmaceuticals and my thoughtful lap seat mate! 

Isn't this a great pic?
I went to work as soon as I landed, and I have to work again at 0545 this morning. The dilemma? My body is so confused over the constant changing of time zones. I have been wide awake since midnight listening to people drinking and yelling about the delicious German beer they have had to much of. Lucky..........  

So.....what time is it? I have to go to work again when? Wth is going on? 

Note: My laptop is pulling up everything in German - so this a minor technical difficulty as it makes spell check next to impossible. I know I am overdue on blogging, my apologies if I have not posted on your blog for awhile, I still love you! I will be catching up over the next few days, sorry for being a bloggy cow. 

Come Sail Away with Me

OK, now that we've gotten past the Styx reference, let's get to business. Hello everyone, my name is Leeann and I have a little blog called Join the Gossip. I'm happy to be here guest posting for Michelle!

Today's topic? Nautical bliss.
I'm a Southern California girl through and through and we have some beautiful beaches but there is something that really intrigues me about New England. The SoCal scene is laid back and casual, whereas the northeast is the epitome of preppy sophistication.
Enough blabbing, let's get to the maritime goods! Here are a few sailing pictures that make me want to escape to a quaint harbor.

Thanks so much for sticking with me through this post. And a BIG thanks to Michelle for having me. Please stop by my blog sometime if you get a chance :)

NOTE: Thank you Leann, what a fantastic posting! I appreciate your support and help. Ladies - go check out Leann's fabulous blog and 'follow' her on her daily postings.

All photos courtesy of: Pinterest

Middle Seat Nightmare

The flight is 8 hours, and I'm stuck in the middle seat which is 4 or 5 seats across. If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know I have a huge problem with open mouth breathers. Omg, what if they are on both sides? I am panicking over this possibility.

Yes I begged the counter, and no, upgrades of any kind are not available. I have a crisp $100 bill ready to buy me a window seat off some guy. Wish me luck!

Check out my bags, that's 6 months worth. Crazy huh? The other photo is the military terminal and of me trying to act like I'm really not taking my own photo. I know, mad skills.

I'm Loving Me Some Baltimore

Besides the tornado warning and the shady crowd on the light rail, I am loving Baltimore. Here are my quick highlights:
1. The people are friendly
2. The crabcakes are fantastic, no really.  All crab with no pesky bread crumbs or filler
3. Bartenders bring you free wine and glass bottles of aqua panna to go
4. Black girls dig white girls with spicy short blonde hair (probably received 15 compliments - amazing)
5. Shopping is phenomenal, great selection and bargain prices
6. Yes its muggy here and bad hair follows, get over it.
7. There is a ton of maritime history to explore. I have limited free time, so I opted for shopping instead.
8. Taxi cabs are retired police cars (freaky for us non-cons)
9. The light rail sucks, and is full of hustlers and homeless. I spent the $35 cab ride back to the hotel to avoid being mugged.
10. Edgar Allen Poe's house is here. Read: boring and small, do not bother
BTW, i have no idea where I'm stuffing my purchases. The zippers  were stretched before I bought stationary, 3 shirts and 2 scarves. This is going to be tricky.
Shopping photos may or may not follow. Depends on wi-fi and free time.
I would definetly visit Baltimore again,this quick trip has been a total blast.
Now I am Germany bound and the 3 hour countdown begins now.

The Rules of Blogging - Advice from a Seasoned Pro!

Hello everyone, I'm Andi from Misadventures with Andi

When Michelle reached out to ask for guest-posters as she transitions to Germany I jumped at the chance to help her. Already blogging daily on my own blog some people might think I am nuts, but I know that Hot Pink Combat Boots is a new blog and I remember when I started out there were people whom are in my spot now that helped me out. 

The blogosphere is very karmic and this is my way of paying it forward and exactly the reason that I am addicted to blogging the the fantastic supportive community that it is composed of.

Michelle thought that it might be interesting to some of you who are also relatively new in this space to hear about some of the things I have learned over the past three years. Everyone has an opinion on what works at what does, but I am happy to share what has been successful for Misadventures with Andi.

I think there are three main "rules" that I have come back to over and over again.

1. You own your blog.
I was lucky enough to attend a blogging conference when I first started out blogging and in one of the session a blogger on a panel made this statement. She explained it as you defining success for yourself for your blog. You set the frequency for how often you blog, and you don't define yourself by numbers, it is definitely not a numbers game.

I cannot stress this point enough. Don't get caught up in high school theatrics of numbers and popularity. Do what is best for yourself and that will come through in your blog's content. You are not meant to please everyone, but trust me there will be people out there that get and appreciate your little corner of the world.

2. The Golden Rule.
Doesn't this apply every where in life? Sorry but you can't escape it. "Do unto others as you would have done unto you; What comes around goes around" etc., etc. all applies to blogging as well. Be nice. Unless your personality is a 'no holds barred, I'm going to say what I want and consequences be damned' kind of person you need to realize that content on the Internet lives a very long time.

I too want to write that snarky post from time to time (believe me there is one this week I am just dying to write) but I work in a professional corporate environment and doing that could impact my current or future jobs. In addition that is just not me and trust me, those kind of posts get old.

That is not to say that if you are really disappointed/pissed/upset about something that you can't find a constructive way of expressing it. But it takes extra work to do it. My advice is to write the post and never publish it. You get it off your chest but are in no danger. I wrote more on this topic in a post a while ago called, "Not hired for blogging."

Lastly, when of my favorite sayings comes from Liz Strauss, it was even quoted in the best selling book on social media called Trust Agents. The quote is "little bloggers grow up to be big bloggers." Meaning be nice to the little people because you never know what the future holds!

3. You have to give to get.
Comments are the currency that makes the blogosphere run. You have to go out and read other blogs and comment and support them. Good bloggers will come back and visit your blog. Even better bloggers will leave comments as well. Over time you will build up a community of readers interested in what you have to say and it is likely that if they like what you have to say, you are going to like what they have to say as well.

There is an added benefit of leaving comments on other blogs is that it is good for your analytics. In-bound links are factor into your overall Google page ranking. Here is more on that topic if you are interested, but honestly don't get to hung up on the numbers, refer back to You own your blog above!

So that some of the cultural aspects of blogging, come back NEXT THURSDAY and I'll talk about some of the tactical things you can do to get you on the road to blogging success.

Note: Thank-you so much Andi for sharing your knowledge with baby bloggers like me (and several of my readers). I have found your blog to be the best reference source for etiquette and even protective measures while we share our lives online. I can't wait to see your PART 2 next Thursday. Ladies - check out Andi's blog and please share this posting with your readers so we can all benefit from her insightful advice. 

Plastic Cows in Dallas

So bizarre, check out this boutique in the Dallas Fort-Worth airport called Lone Star Attitude. I've never seen anything like this - I'm both mesmerized and perplexed. Do women really want to look like cows? I don't get it.

More Tulips, Spring has Finally Arrived

You can pick 15 stems for $10. Isn't that amazing? I know I already posted about tulips, but I have all of these gorgeous photos, so I couldn't resist doing a double post.

I just realized my camera card does not fit into my laptop, nor do I have a cable to connect it. Sorry dolls, you are going to be stuck with cell phone photos for about a week.

70's Glamour Loo

Probably not the most expected posting, but hey- inspiration comes in many forms.

In this case, the 'Loo' at Saltys in Seattle was a flashback to dressing rooms and makeup mirrors of the 70's. Between the ruby red walls, globe side lights and huge artwork, I felt like Jerry Hall at Studio 54. I love it and can see giving the dressing room at home a facelift. In 6 months that is......

One more day in Seattle!

Happy Easter West Coast Style

Today (easter) was so much fun. Mr C surprised me with a bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume and then we enjoyed an indulgent day of crab legs, champagne, shopping and friends. The public market was full of gorgeous tulips and spring bouquets.
Look at the funny drink I found at a novelty store!

Goodbye Home. I'll Miss You.

OK......this is it: I'm packed and heading out the door. I've taken a somber stroll through the house, taking it all in before I leave. Sigh.........

For all of my fabulous readers, here's the plan:
  • Now: Road trip to Seattle with Mr C
  • Wednesday leave Seattle for Baltimore Maryland
  • Hang out in Baltimore for 24 hours then fly to Germany
I will be mobile blogging along the way. Reminder to those that are guest blogging - Tuesday is the ideal to submit your post.

Next Thursday we will have an exciting guest blogger - stay tuned!!!!

OMG -this is it, let the adventure begin!

Packing - a total nightmare

Yes, I'm leaving town tomorrow - and no, I have not packed. I had this brilliant idea that if I waited till the last minute, then it would be less stressful and I wouldn't be able to continue adding things simply for the sake of it. 

Packing for this journey is incredibly difficult because I will be hitting Spring, Summer, Fall and a touch of winter. My original plan was to sort out seasonal clothes and have Mr. C ship them as I need them. Now that I'm looking at all of this crap, I'm forced to weed out the niceties and luxuries and stick with the basics. But when everything can be defined as a basic, the pile isn't getting any smaller. I need my platform stilettos, just as much as I need the navy blue tie dress with the embroidered flowers. I haven't began to pack my uniforms - which I suppose I should pack those first and then see how much room I have. Duh.

So why am I blogging and not packing? Umm.......good question. I have been blogging for over an hour instead of taking this precious time to do the things I need to be doing.

Ok - so back to dumb packing. Bleh.

Photos courtesy of pattydohap and happyhypergurl

And the Winner is........

Congratulations to Miss K at LOVE LIPSTICK AND PEARLS! She is the lucky winner of my 70's Diane Von Furstenberg logo'd scarf. 

Check out today's HOT MAN PARADE posting - it features delicious eye candy in one convenient posting! Miss K we are all looking forward to seeing a photo of you wearing that fabulous scarf.

Stay tuned for my next giveaway!

Note: The winner was selected via the Random number widget, which I can not figure out how to post correctly on my blog - otherwise the photo would be posted.

Come Find Me! I'm at A Suitcase and Stilettos guest blogging

This is included in my posting. Curious???
Come find me! 
I'm guest blogging today on Ms. Megan's fabulous blog: A Suitcase and Stillettos.

I Went Shopping! Nordstorm, Sephora and Forever 21

I have a growing paranoia that my favorite products won't be available in Germany, so I have been shopping like crazy! Plus with the dollar at such a low value, it doesn't make sense to pay twice as much for something I can buy here and ship over in bulk. I've already shipped over 2 boxes, and it looks like there will be another two going out tomorrow. Here are my goodies from today:

Mac 'Fast Response Eye cream. I haven't tried this product before, but its full of caffeine and I was told it is a miracle for puffy eyes. I figured this was a necessary purchase since jet lag is in my near future
Mac Fluidline eye liner gel - Dipdown brown. This stuff is amazing and stays on all day. No touch ups needed!
Mac Paint Pot in Bare Study. A gorgeous neutral shade that can be worn as a base or as a soft shimmery eyeshadow. No creasing and it makes your eyes look spectacular. 

I wanted to buy more of the Xen tan, but I can not find it anywhere!

Benefit Buxom Lips in Bunny. I wanted to try 'Candy', but they were out.
Benefit Hello Flawless pressed powder - in Honey. This makes my skin look incredible - apply with a brush and throw away the product eating sponge.
Benefit Some Kind of Gorgeous foundation faker in Medium. Lightweight and perfection - in one portable pot with a mirror. I apply with my fingers. This is my 4th purchase of this item and it goes perfectly with the above pressed powder.

A girl can never  have too many earrings, and at $3.80 a pair why not stock up? I love the pear and chain ones - they will look great with all of my gray outfits. I'm typically not a circle-earring lover, but I thought I would try these out . The other dangleys are a soft amber and lucite - a general go with anything type of earring. So affordable!

I also picked up lacey thongs (4 for $9.80!) and a Grecian sheer tank top in turquoise (my fave color for the season). The tank top actually looks better when worn backwards. I'll post photos when I finally wear it.

DVF Giveaway- enter now. Winner announced this Friday!

The DVF drawing is this Friday!

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SEEKING: Guest Bloggers! Come be a part of my journey

Hello Dolls!

This Saturday marks the day of me leaving home and starting my journey to Germany (it is taking me over a week to get there, so it will be painful). During this time of transition, I would LOVE to have some guest bloggers fill in for me on my blog.

You can write about anything EXCEPT sports, monster trucks, fishing, rodeos camping or country music. Duh, right?

Need ideas? Hobbies, cats, outfits, beauty, vintage, closets, organizing, celebrities, cooking/recipes, dating, travel, shopping, hair anything, humor, home projects, items you sell on etsy/ebay, TV or movies, spring ideas - etc.

Please comment below or send me an email at www.hot.pink.combat.boots.com. I will fill you in on the details and dates.

Love and kisses, and thank you for your help!