Spray Tan Goodness

To ensure we looked our best for my going away bash, Mr. C and I had our first spray tan. We were able to be in the same room and would take turns drying while the other was getting sprayed.

AWKWARD. I'm topless ( I didn't want lines) and he's in his underwear, and then there is a stranger in the room with an airgun spraying us with an ice-cold mist. It seemed like a good start to a bad movie. 

The good news is the tans were perfect in every way, and I love how my skin looks with a bit of color. However.... standing around naked will take a bit of getting used to.

It was $40 per person - isn't that expensive?


emma basilone said...

That is not too bad for one that someone sprays you! I am jealous, I would use one BADLY haha I am like see-through!


Miss K said...

ok, so i tried posting my comment but it went beserk, so here it is again JIC.

I love spray tans and am a recent convert. I ay $25 for mine, but the lady does it in her garage. I think $40 is the average rate, especially at a salon, but I've seen higher rates as well.

Jen Watts said...

I've really been wanting to try the versa spa but we don't have one nearby. It's close to $40 I think. That does seem pricey, but worth it if you like the result.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

$40 is worth it - especially for great results. I heard about the Versa spa - I'll have to check that out as well.

Did you know you're not supposed to use lotions with mineral oil? They will eat away your self tanner. Who knew? I hear that Dove products are the worst.

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