BALTIMORE,MARYLAND -Have you been there?

Hello Dolls!

I have FIVE days left at home (slightly panicing as I haven't even started to pack) before I begin my overseas adventure.

I'm flying to Baltimore, Maryland and then on to Germany where I will live on a military airbase for SIX MONTHS. I just discovered that I will have a 24-hour layover in Baltimore Maryland. Rather than sitting in my boring hotel room, I thought it would be a blast to take a taxi into the city and eat my way through do some exploring.  

The dilemma? I have NO IDEA where to go or where the best areas are to visit. Of course I can research it and I always manage to find some fun, but I would love some insider travel tips.

Isn't this an odd shaped state?
Are there any lovely readers out there than can point me in the right direction?? I'm looking for unique shops, historical areas, independent restaurants and anything that encompasses the heartbeat of the city.


Lacey said...

Wow! Just 5 days left! I can't wait to hear your adventures over there... and make sure you tell me some awesome places to go to in that area.

I was in Baltimore 10 years ago and of course do not remember a dang thing. I'm hoping another reader can save you from a night of boredom and give you some good ideas.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Oh I will sister - the down low will be headed your way.

I think I'll be ok in Baltimore - I usually do not have a problem finding fun. Especially if there is delicious seafood around.