Goodbye Home. I'll Miss You.

OK......this is it: I'm packed and heading out the door. I've taken a somber stroll through the house, taking it all in before I leave. Sigh.........

For all of my fabulous readers, here's the plan:
  • Now: Road trip to Seattle with Mr C
  • Wednesday leave Seattle for Baltimore Maryland
  • Hang out in Baltimore for 24 hours then fly to Germany
I will be mobile blogging along the way. Reminder to those that are guest blogging - Tuesday is the ideal to submit your post.

Next Thursday we will have an exciting guest blogger - stay tuned!!!!

OMG -this is it, let the adventure begin!


Andi said...

Looking forward to following your trip to Germany. Baltimore is a fun town - great crab if you get a chance to get some!

Lisa said...

Have a safe trip! We've had some gorgeous weather in Seattle the last couple days-- hope it sticks around for you to see some!