Dressed for a Queen?

I was finally able to watch the fabulous royal wedding today (it is plastered all over the German networks), and I could not help but feel a bit let down by the Queen's conservative yellow suit. She looked beautiful, but the suit was well, how should I say it .........dull.

Fairy tales, movies and childhood dreams paint the picture of Queen's wearing a diamond crown, rare jewels, an over the top gorgeous dress with gold braiding and velvet (or someother imported material from a far off country). Considering the majority of women in attendance had very flashy hats on, I thought the Queen could have worn something more dramatic to show off her royalty and status to the world.

I understand not wanting to compete with the bride, but when the men are dressed in full regalia, couldn't we expect to see more pomp and circumstance when it comes to the Queen?

Opinions? Thoughts?


A Big Fat Blog said...

I agree, I thought she would have worn something more queen-like. However she has traditionally been very conservative, so I suppose she isn't going to change now. Did you see Victoria's hat?

Love your blog!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Victoria looked her amazing, I stil can't believe she is pregnant again. And geez Mr. Beckam....he is over the top gorgeous. Thanks for the post!

Francy said...

Ah Ah...I like it! She is funny!
Xo Xo

Anonymous said...

im not sure whether i liked it or not to be honest! i think it was very subtle and mild...yes, but i also would have liked to seen her go with a more powerful color :-)

hope u had a great weekend! im trying to catch up on blog reads...i should stop being anti blogging on weekends! LOL <3

oksana said...

Really you are right! At the first moment I thought that The Queen outfit was plain and elegant, but something was missed! And now I understand what exactly!


The Fashionable Traveler said...

I know I'm a little late posting on this but....While I would have loved to see the Queen wearing McQueen, I do have to commend her for knowing what works for her. I did have to snicker at the blue blanket she had covering her legs when she was riding to the Abbey in the Bentley...I really think it was a snuggie! Can you imagine the Queen and Prince Phillip ordering crap off or HSN?