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Sally's Beauty Supply can be hit or miss. There is a large peppering of off'-brands and generic substitutes. I have had my fair share of crap purchases there, but I keep going back for a couple of my favorite products.
The Mint Julep Mask by Queene Helene is a classic and has almost a cult-like following. There is a reason this green mud mask has been around for decades with its heavy dose of menthol and pore cleaning ingredients. When the mask dries on your skin, it pulls out excess oils and bacteria from your pores. Try it on your neck and chest area too - especially during the warmer months when sunscreen wrecks havoc on your skin. Some of my friends have used this for bacne (back acne) and buttne (butt acne). Gross I know, but a real problem for some.   
Do not use a base coat - apply 2 to 3 coats directly to
bare nails. Available - everywhere. Around $8 a bottle.
The Right Said Fred Red is my fave.

I love a bright red or dark polished nail, but between hand washings and daily-life the polish chips away almost instantly. I have finally found the solution, and the winner is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure. 

It is a 2-product layering process, but my nails are chip free for 6-8 days (once for 15 days with occasional top coat touch ups).  

'In a Hurry' topcoat dries quickly - even if you have globs of polish on underneath. This will not yellow your nails and can be reapplied everyday, if desired.  The finish is high-gloss and I have never had it bubble or change the color of my polish. Costs around $6 at Sally's, and will be your new best friend.
Finish with this quick drying top coat from Sally's Beauty.
Professional quality finish - polish will not budge. Reapply
anytime you want a high-gloss finish.

I find that if I do my nails right before bedtime there is less risk of smudging them than if I try to mult-task during the day.  

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Nikki's World said...

The blueish/ green nail polish is pretty. It is such a great spring color. I have a Sally's by mine I will have to check it out.