70's Photos and Fashion Inspiration

To tie in with my fab DVF giveaway (see below), I wanted to post about my other love - the 70's. I've been collecting 70's garb for the last 4 years and am amazed that 70's style is 'the popular thing' now. Growing up the in era, I remember the amazing clothes and the very social lifestyle. Cocktail parties and the infamous 'key parties' were huge during this time. The clothes tend to reflect the open lifestyle with their plunging necklines and drapey fabrics.   

One of my hobbies is to collect old magazines and last winter I found a pile of vintage ones from the 60's and 70's called 'True'. They are full of propaganda, smoking advertisements, sexist articles and of course, fashion. Here are some photos from there and a few of my own to inspire your weekend outfits.

Happy Saturday (err...Sunday for my international readers).

Isn't this Yves St Laurent?


The hat is so over the top!
Hairy chests were all the rage.

Sexy, no?

Classic casual outfit. This is from 1972

I can't remember where this photo came from, so there is a chance it's 70's-esque.
Aren't the dresses gorgeous?


emma basilone said...

I tagged you in a post as a beautiful blogger =)
check it out:


Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

Chest hair and over the top hats, classic. I am so glad chest hair is not in style anymore cause I just almost threw up when I saw it.

Kayla said...

HI MICHELLE!!! I hope you enjoy Germany. Unfortunately, I wont be making it out there anytime soon, some family things have come up, and I wont be coming out :(
Cant wait to see the pix, oh and I am not on FB anymore, so I will have to email you.
Kayla Manthey

Nathalia said...

those dresses are really gorgeous! :)

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Melissa - you crack me up!! I totally laughed when I read your post. Personally, I'm ok with a bit of chest hair. Full body sweater though? Gross and no way.

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