I'm Loving Me Some Baltimore

Besides the tornado warning and the shady crowd on the light rail, I am loving Baltimore. Here are my quick highlights:
1. The people are friendly
2. The crabcakes are fantastic, no really.  All crab with no pesky bread crumbs or filler
3. Bartenders bring you free wine and glass bottles of aqua panna to go
4. Black girls dig white girls with spicy short blonde hair (probably received 15 compliments - amazing)
5. Shopping is phenomenal, great selection and bargain prices
6. Yes its muggy here and bad hair follows, get over it.
7. There is a ton of maritime history to explore. I have limited free time, so I opted for shopping instead.
8. Taxi cabs are retired police cars (freaky for us non-cons)
9. The light rail sucks, and is full of hustlers and homeless. I spent the $35 cab ride back to the hotel to avoid being mugged.
10. Edgar Allen Poe's house is here. Read: boring and small, do not bother
BTW, i have no idea where I'm stuffing my purchases. The zippers  were stretched before I bought stationary, 3 shirts and 2 scarves. This is going to be tricky.
Shopping photos may or may not follow. Depends on wi-fi and free time.
I would definetly visit Baltimore again,this quick trip has been a total blast.
Now I am Germany bound and the 3 hour countdown begins now.


victoryvintageb said...

What a delightful post, and the food pics made my mouth water! I'm a food n wine girl myself ;-) I stopped by your blog to see whats new...I love it!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi Brande, I'm happy to hear from a fellow wine and foodie. You really don't know the city until you have tasted your way through. Congrats again on your 100th post!

Andi said...

Love the food in Balitmore, especially the crab, its the best!

emma basilone said...

I can't wait to go, it is on my bucket list for traveling!