What's In My Purse?

Inspired by my friends at the Purse Forum, I thought it would be fun to showcase what is in my purse. Here goes nothing....

Obsessed with blue!
Sally's Hairspray, Listerine pack, H&M Sunnies, Sprint's EEVO , Camera Case & Kleenex

Appointment book, Erasable Ink Pen by Frixion/Pilot (a girls best friend btw), Sharpee.

No idea why this picture is on its side. Just go with it - tilt your head, you'll be fine.

Buxom lip gloss in Bunny and Kanani. Cheap lipliner from Walgreens. Liplicious gloss in Fruit Punch (Bath and Body Works). Hello Gorgeous touch up makeup by Benefit (perfection in a pot).

Leather wallet by LODIS

Fun interior of my Helen Welsh bag. Purchased about 6 years ago at Nordstrom. Super buttery soft leather and roomy storage makes this one of my go-to bags.

My old standby- Helen Welsh goodness.
 Honesty Disclaimer:
I cleaned out my receipts, pennies and wrappers prior to taking the photo. Even though I switch out my purse everyday, these pesky items always seem to end up at the bottom. 

Inspired by this posting? Show me what is in your purse and link it back to me.

Love and smooches to you - happy Thursday.


Francy said...

ah ah!! even my bag is always full of things!!! I want the Mary Poppins' bag!
xo xo

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh I love the "whats in my purse" posts!!! I need to do one sometime! I love Buxom glosses! I just bought one recently and have carried it and used it daily since!!!

and i like your appt book!

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

What a gorgeous handbag!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...
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Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Isn't Buxom the best? I has even replaced my lip balms. Perfect kiss-ready lips in a tube