What time is it? Where am I?

To follow up with my middle seat posting, no one was interested in my $100 offering to give up thier aisle or window seat. It could have been a $1,000 with the same answer of "no, are you crazy?".  I moved to row 46 and sat in the middle of the middle row.

The plane was packed so tightly that my knees were touching the seat in front of me (I'm only 5'4), and there was not enough room to take my boots off without rolling over on top of the stranger next to me. In my case, I was flanked by two females: one was a young special agent and the other was a witty and positive brunette from the south.

To avoid freaking out during the claustrophobic 8 hour flight, I popped an Ambien, put in ear plugs, put on my satin eye mask and supported my neck with a travel pillow. I literally did not wake up until the plane was doing a sharp decent towards the base. Can you believe it? I can't. Typically I'm going to the loo and fidgeting the entire flight.

I vaguely remember the Special Agent (picture an unassuming petite black girl with a buzz cut) keeping water cups on my tray which I subconciously drank whenever I came to consciousness. God bless pharmaceuticals and my thoughtful lap seat mate! 

Isn't this a great pic?
I went to work as soon as I landed, and I have to work again at 0545 this morning. The dilemma? My body is so confused over the constant changing of time zones. I have been wide awake since midnight listening to people drinking and yelling about the delicious German beer they have had to much of. Lucky..........  

So.....what time is it? I have to go to work again when? Wth is going on? 

Note: My laptop is pulling up everything in German - so this a minor technical difficulty as it makes spell check next to impossible. I know I am overdue on blogging, my apologies if I have not posted on your blog for awhile, I still love you! I will be catching up over the next few days, sorry for being a bloggy cow. 

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Nikki's World said...

How long are you in Germany for? How do I participate in what I was tagged in? Thank you for tagging me. I appreciate it. Makes me excited more people will check out my simple blog :)