LATISSE - the fountain of youth. Seriously.

I started using Latisse (via a free sample from my family doctor) last June and my eyelashes gotten so much darker and longer than I could have ever imagined. As an extra bonus my eyebrows have started filling in as well. My lashes are ‘over the top’ long and I get major comments on how long they are.

For those unfamiliar with Latisse, it is a prescription product that was originally designed to treat  cataract patients. The doctors started noticing the patients were growing long and luscious lashes with continued use. The pharmaceutical company remanufactured the product, attached a hefty price tag and VOILA = vanity cash cow.

  • Lashes AND eyebrows become longer and darker
  • Longer lashes makes you look younger, and a bit Kardashian-esque
  • Your lashes will continue to grow since the product eliminates the natural hair shedding process
    This is very hard to comprehend, but you my have to use scissors to trim your eyelashes since they can become too long. Amazing, I know.
  • It takes a solid 6-weeks of applications before you will love your lashes
  • There will be a stage in the beginning where your lashes will look like spider legs since some will be longer than others. Be patient, they will fill in.
  • You have to apply the product every night until you get to your desired length
    You will notice red irritation above the upper lash line. This can be covered with makeup
  • Occasionally your eyes will be red/itchy. I noticed I had more sun sensitivity when I was in Hawaii - apparently that is not common.
    If your eyes are green, you may be at risk to have increased brown pigment. Mine are blue and I have not noticed any changes whatsoever.

Sorry for the gross eye close-up. No curler used. Crazy, huh?

  • Medi-spas will sell you this product without a prescription
    Sign up for groupon as there are spas that run 2x1 specials
    Use only 1 application brush and trim the bristles so you are not wasting the product
  • 1 bottle should last you up to 3 months if you follow the above ‘1-brush’ tip. Don’t be scared by the ‘30 days’ as indicated on the packaging. 
Why buy fakeys when you can grow your own?

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Lacey said...

That is awesome! I've got short eyelashes and hate it. The commercial did mention color pigmentation and that discouraged me from trying it. Maybe I will

Question: why is it that guys have SUPER long gorgeous lashes but girls get screwed with short ones? Both my husband and son have long lashes, I'm jealous!

Gawgus things... said...

This stuff looks amazing! Must try it :) xx

Miss K said...

I've been wanting to use this forever! i already have long lashes, but what grl doesn't want them even longer?? this is going on my bday wish list for shizzle.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

What a perfect wish list item Miss K. You could also say you want it in your Easter Basket if you don't want to wait :)

Elizabeth said...

I have wanted to try Latisse so badly, but I was worried about the brown eye pigmentation side-effect and the price tag! I'm still hesitant about that investment right now since I am in college and need/want other things, but I am glad to know someone else with blue eyes has tried it and not had any problems!

Talitha said...

Holy Moly you have long lashes!!

And yes, I am now stalking your blog :)