I Went Shopping! Nordstorm, Sephora and Forever 21

I have a growing paranoia that my favorite products won't be available in Germany, so I have been shopping like crazy! Plus with the dollar at such a low value, it doesn't make sense to pay twice as much for something I can buy here and ship over in bulk. I've already shipped over 2 boxes, and it looks like there will be another two going out tomorrow. Here are my goodies from today:

Mac 'Fast Response Eye cream. I haven't tried this product before, but its full of caffeine and I was told it is a miracle for puffy eyes. I figured this was a necessary purchase since jet lag is in my near future
Mac Fluidline eye liner gel - Dipdown brown. This stuff is amazing and stays on all day. No touch ups needed!
Mac Paint Pot in Bare Study. A gorgeous neutral shade that can be worn as a base or as a soft shimmery eyeshadow. No creasing and it makes your eyes look spectacular. 

I wanted to buy more of the Xen tan, but I can not find it anywhere!

Benefit Buxom Lips in Bunny. I wanted to try 'Candy', but they were out.
Benefit Hello Flawless pressed powder - in Honey. This makes my skin look incredible - apply with a brush and throw away the product eating sponge.
Benefit Some Kind of Gorgeous foundation faker in Medium. Lightweight and perfection - in one portable pot with a mirror. I apply with my fingers. This is my 4th purchase of this item and it goes perfectly with the above pressed powder.

A girl can never  have too many earrings, and at $3.80 a pair why not stock up? I love the pear and chain ones - they will look great with all of my gray outfits. I'm typically not a circle-earring lover, but I thought I would try these out . The other dangleys are a soft amber and lucite - a general go with anything type of earring. So affordable!

I also picked up lacey thongs (4 for $9.80!) and a Grecian sheer tank top in turquoise (my fave color for the season). The tank top actually looks better when worn backwards. I'll post photos when I finally wear it.


Jen Watts said...

You by all means deserve a little shopping spree! Those earrings will look fab with your cute haircut!

Nathalia said...

I really like Sephora and forever 21, beautiful earrings! :)

Miss K said...

aaagh i want to go shopping now!! I tried the Bare study paint pot, and i liked it enough, but wasn't a keeper for me.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Miss K: Oh I hope I like the Bare Studay. The one I have been using is called 'Vintage', but of course it was a limited edition item. Bare Study was the closest thing so I assumed it would work. Thanks for the heads up - I'll try it today instead of packing it to make sure I like it. What color are you using now?