I'm in Tacoma today finishing up some training. Tonight I have dinner plans with my sister and brother, which is a rare occurrence. My siblings are 9 and 10 years older than me, so growing up I felt like an only child as they had already moved out and moved on during a time I would have tradition ally bonded with them.

My sister and I reconnected over the past 10 years and are total besties. My brother? Well, not so much. We get along, but we only see each other at Christmas and do not put much effort into staying in touch. It's not a bad thing, its just the way it is. SO ANYWAYS....having dinner with the both of them tonight is a big deal and is being prompted by my upcoming farewell. 

Gorgeous LV dress - a bit out of my budget. Still pretty to look at though.
I will head home tomorrow and the next big event is my COCKTAIL PARTY!! It will be a combined party for Graduation/40th Birthday/Farewell. It is this coming Saturday and I do not have a dress. I haven't had a lot of time to shop so I will probably be stuck recycling something I already own. BORING. 

With my new-do, I'm thinking a short swing 60's inspired dress would be perfect. In the photo above, I like how the shoulders are featured - so something with that style of upper cut would look great. Even a long sleeve a-line mini would work.

Should I do color or stick with classic black? I'm leaning towards color....

Anyone have any suggestions or photos of inspiration? I'm off to work, so if anyone is bored today and has time to find something that has a location in the Tacoma/Seattle area or could order online and ship quickly- I would love the help.

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