DIY CHANDELIER - Inspired by Tiffany's!

A couple of years ago I found a hideous 70's chandelier at the thrift store and have been saving it for a 'rainy' day to paint and redo. With the new dressing room completed, I finally found the inspiration (and the space) for it. Here is the project in photos:

Hideous, right? I covered the white tips with painters tape to have some contrast against the silver.
Several thin coats of this.....

Isn't is amazing what spray paint can do? 

I had these extra mini fabric lampshades (originally black) and experimented with the paint.  I liked  how the dark trim peeks through on the edges - a unexpected result. The interior was gold, so I decided to keep them as is and stuffed the shades with garbage sacks to protect the finish.
Impressive, right? I think this my 'best' project to date.

I added a  14' ceiling dome (Home Depot, $24) that I painted to match, and finished it off with a simple champagne colored ribbon from my Nordstrom Easter package.

Thanks to Mr. C for hanging it for me.  

The lampshades were fabric, so I was surprised to see how shiny they turned out with the paint. If it looks like it's handing too low - it is. I need to move it up a few links, but for now I am enjoying the full view of the 'new' light.

The gold finish gives off a pretty (and flattering) glow.

COST BREAKDOWN: Lamp $3, Paint (2 cans) $9,  Ceiling Dome - $24, Labor - free, Lampshades - free, Ribbon - free TOTAL: $36! 

Get spray painting people - it's fun, creative and oh-so affordable.

MEOW MIX - Cat Shirts by THE GAP

MEOW MIX = part kitty, part adult. Who say little girls get to have all of the fun? 

There never seems to be enough cat clothes in my size. Now granted, there are always the bad holiday cat sweatshirts that are bedazzled and the wearer tends to have over sized hair and smeared lipstick (a cigarette dangling is highly likely as well...). I'm not talking about that type of cat shirt........ more specifically, I love the French themed kitties - those wearing accessories including false eyelashes and necklaces. 

Yes - this really says  "MEW". I melted......
Many times I have perused through the little girls section thinking, 'why doesn't that come in my size?". No.....I haven't lost my mind, and no....I'm not channelling my inner 5 year old. It's just that I think French kitties are a sweet image, and when it's paired with strong accessories, it's a fun and whimsical look. 

Gobs of eye shadow, a chain necklace and tender crystal drop earring balance the youthful feel of the shirt. 

I also picked up this frilly pink chiffon skirt at The Gap ($18).  I'm obviously being inspired by Ms. Kayla's skirt photo (2 postings back), and I'm craving the fullness of this youthful pretty skirt. Don't worry - I will pair this with a gray denim motorcycle jacket and rocker type accessories (no cats allowed with this skirt).

Cats + pink frilly +41 years old = trying to hard.
It's important to rough up the look with leather & denim to balance it out. 

The cat has sunglasses, flowers  AND pearls on - I couldn't resist.
I will pair this with skinny jeans, motorcycle boots and TONS of layered pearl necklaces. 

I wear a size 2 or 3, so girls XXL fits perfectly. Bonus: the clothes are 1/2 price compared to women's. Go get shopping, I know you want a cat shirt too. If you pick one up - send me your pic and I'll post it on my blog.

MEOW MIX sounds like a fun segment, no? 



Easter is one of my favorite holidays of the year. Not because I'm super religious -'s way more superficial than that. It's all about the EASTER BASKET. Remember when you were a kid and you would go on Easter egg hunts and in the morning you would find a basket full of candy and treats outside your door? (Ok.....technically I only remember that happening once as a kid, but I still remember how cool it was). 
Easter basket waiting for me in the bathroom

The Easter tradition continues with Mr. C. We have been together for over 3 years now, and each year he has spoiled me with an over-the-top Easter celebration. I know......what guy does that? I am BEYOND spoiled and I genuinely appreciate all of the gestures he does for me - both big and small. 

THE GOODS: Valentina perfume & body lotion, MAC eye makeup, a loot of perfume samples, Laura Mercier face cream, Nordstrom bag, DVF bag, Easter lilies and way too much chocolate by Rocky Mountain Chocolate company. I am loving his gift of the Valentina perfume. It's a light oriental scent with orange, tuberose and jasmine - so pretty and feminine without being overpowering. 

Already eaten.....of course. 
We shared a Sunday champagne brunch with our dear friends Eric and John and then skipped around town sampling desserts, more champagne and the random cup of coffee. We returned home 7 hours later and went for a run (Yes......we went running after all of that. Crazy, right? My fitness test is coming up - so no excuses). We wrapped up the day by watching 2 movies in the theater room downstairs and tried not to think about all of the things we have to do this week.  

Thanks for letting me brag about my awesome Easter. I hope you had a wonderful one as well. 


Wheel of Fortune - meet my celebrity girlfriend Ms. Kayla

My dear friend Ms. Kayla was selected to be on Wheel of Fortune. Can you believe it? Who gets to do that? So cool, and what an opportunity! She filmed this last Tuesday and BOO - came in 2nd place. Guess what her parting gifts were from the network? If you guessed a gift basket or something else lovely, you would be wrong. They gave her NOTHING. No autographs, pics or anything. Kind of rude, right? 

Her episode airs on May 22nd - tune in and see how fabulous she looks.

I would also like to add that Ms. Kayla was involved in a horrible auto accident last December that has left her temporarily disabled. She suffered injuries to her back and spine which is a source of constant pain along with a traumatic brain injury, that has been impeded her speech. She can think of what she wants to say...but the words don't seem to come out right (so frustrating.... I couldn't even imagine). Getting the chance to be on Wheel of Fortune was a blessing for her, and also gave her a target date to stay focused on. 

So how do I know Ms. Kayla? She is an Airman in my Air Force unit, and we became friends 3 years ago during a trip to San Antonio. 

To make things worse.......not only was she injured, but she was forced to cancel her 6 month deployment to Germany (yes - the same one I just returned from). Devastating, right? 

Ms. Kayla has a blog called Combat Boots, Camo & Tiaras. Please stop by and say hello to her. You can find her lovely blog HERE.



Is this a new segment? No, just a random Friday where I'm wearing something 'new'. The trapeze style dress is actually a sheer swimsuit cover-up by H&M. Paired with tights and a long sleeve t- it instantly becomes a comfortable dress. As tempting as it is to have fat day, I'm forced to belt it up to avoid the 'ARE YOU PREGNANT?' questions. (not to freak you out - the answer is NO btw).

I'm not really liking the wide black belt with it - it seems a bit too 'costumey', and dark.  
The orange leather tie belt seems perfect (also from H&M - approx 3 years old) and adds a Grecian feel to the frock. I think if I continue to shop at H&M everything will eventually match something, as the same colors seem to be rotated back in every 3-4 years.
I'm loving my LaCrosse Wellies - super comfortable, especially when paired with socks. Its supposed to rain today (of course...), so these are perfect. I wore charcoal gray tights to break up the orange/black monotony.

I can not wait for Easter. Mr. C and I are having champagne brunch and I'm planning on wearing my 'I wish I was 5 years old again' fluffy green tulle skirt. I've worn it twice over the last couple of years, and it always draws admiring looks from women who wished they wore their ballerina skirt out in public too. 


eBay Surprise Hits! Bags, Suitcases, Vintage Everything

This has been the year of traveling. Not exciting travel since I'm mostly driving 10 hours for work every other week. The good news is that while I'm driving across the state, I've been stopping in all of the little towns along the way and perusing ransacking the thrift stores.Oddly enough, my best selling items on eBay are the random bags and vintage luggage pieces I've been finding lately. 

Selling bags are so much easier since I don't have to deal with dressing/undressing a mannequin. The above photo is my current haul. I even scored with a vintage pair of hand stitched leather cowboy boots. 

I found 2 of these handmade burlap sack bags. One has a red handle - the other  is  khaki cotton. I thought they were unique - let's see if they actually sell. This might be a betting listing for Etsy. 
I've been finding a nice selection of nighties and lingerie. I'll  add these as well to see if  they move. 

These were for me. La Crosse wellies - $3!!!

In a random note - have you seen these? 6 ounces of French wine in a plastic cup. I haven't tried them yet, but look very convenient for the movie theater cooking.