eBay Surprise Hits! Bags, Suitcases, Vintage Everything

This has been the year of traveling. Not exciting travel since I'm mostly driving 10 hours for work every other week. The good news is that while I'm driving across the state, I've been stopping in all of the little towns along the way and perusing ransacking the thrift stores.Oddly enough, my best selling items on eBay are the random bags and vintage luggage pieces I've been finding lately. 

Selling bags are so much easier since I don't have to deal with dressing/undressing a mannequin. The above photo is my current haul. I even scored with a vintage pair of hand stitched leather cowboy boots. 

I found 2 of these handmade burlap sack bags. One has a red handle - the other  is  khaki cotton. I thought they were unique - let's see if they actually sell. This might be a betting listing for Etsy. 
I've been finding a nice selection of nighties and lingerie. I'll  add these as well to see if  they move. 

These were for me. La Crosse wellies - $3!!!

In a random note - have you seen these? 6 ounces of French wine in a plastic cup. I haven't tried them yet, but look very convenient for the movie theater cooking.


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Misdeed you around here :)

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

I agree with Claudia I miss you as well xxx

Steve said...

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