What's in my purse - errr....I mean, drawers.

You know how sometimes us bloggers will post 'WHAT' IN MY PURSE'? It's the post where we pretend that we have a super-clean purse and take photos of what we keep inside? Maybe not always, but 90% of the time these posts are a BLATANT LIE. 'Why' - you ask? Because instead of the person's bag being full of gum wrappers and receipts, we see a brand new Chanel compact, protein bar, pack of gum, cell phone, lip gloss and date book. 

Where are the receipts, pennies and wrappers?
Is that a label maker?
Using this type of post as inspiration, I present to you - 'WHAT'S IN MY DRAWERS'. Don't confuse yourself - I'm referring to dresser drawers. This is where I share my folding and storage secrets. DISCLAIMER: the room will probably not stay this clean permanently, and I freely admit this is short-term tidy. 
Tights and stockings perfectly organized using sandwich bags. 

This hidden over the door rack holds 36 pairs of shoes and short boots perfectly.  I just realized I still have a ton of shoes in my summer storage area. I guess I'm not done after all......
Tanks tops folded from the center out so I can see them clearly. 

Using a silverware caddy, I sorted out my bangles, flowers, sunglasses and hair pieces. The Godiva box holds my favorite military memorabilia pieces. Scented organic bars of soap and cotton swabs with lavender oil keeps the drawers smelling fresh. 

The perfect place for my evening bags and small clutches

I had a ton of lounge pants that didn't make the cut. New rule: if they don't fit in this small drawer, they get chucked. 

The left is short sleeve t-shirts, the right is long sleeve t's. Folded with the center seam out, I can quickly see which shirt is what without having to dig and make a huge mess. The front row is my favorite workout scarves and leggings. 

This vintage hat box holds my scarves. I purged a ton and have a 2 large lots listed in my store on eBay. 

The 2nd hat box stores my leather, workout and work gloves. This colorful ones on top are my favorite for chilly morning jogs. 

I know.. this isn't every single drawer. I'm sparing you the boring ones - as well as the 'none of your business' drawers. If you have a storage secret - please share! Want to join in on the fun? Post your own 'What's in your drawers (either perfectly staged or legit mess). 


PS - I too am guilty of 'faux-purse-content' blogging. You can see my perfectly staged purse  in this old post


Claudia Moser said...

Very organized Michelle!

Ruby said...

Love your blog, grabbed your button! :)

Girlfriends Are Like Shoes

Lovely Light said...

I'm sooo jealous! I have a small "cupboard" for my clothing. My undies and bras are in a duffel bag, my socks on on a book case. I really need more storage.

Miss K said...

i need your help. my drawers are a mess. they'll stay clean for like a week and then they go right back regardless of how hard i try!