The Dressing Room - Reveal & Relocate

You've seen in it in the background of my photos, and I speak of it often - but this post will give you a glimpse of my favorite room in the house: MY DRESSING ROOM. 

Previously a bedroom, I converted this space about 2 years ago based on an inspiring article in Marie Claire. It highlighted the dressing room on the set of Gossip Girls. My old bedroom had similar coloring so as you can imagine.....the rest was history. 

The bedroom conveniently features deep built-ins. Perfect for storing everything from off season clothes to luggage.
Here are a few angles of space. I left the room messy as-is,because I didn't feel the need to make it perfect as if I was shooting for a magazine. I used this room constantly, and the photos represents its true state - WELL USED. 

Originally brass ($20 at a home recycling center). I spray painted it glossy black and Mr. C hung it for me (was originally a ceiling fan).

Steel colored peg board makes for a great purse and scarf display. The scarves are beginning to take over.....

Cheap chest of drawers from IKEA painted black and added simple hardware. Shoe rack, vintage jewelry box and movie reel are vintage finds. 

Outside table covered with vintage velvet table cloth picked up for $20  last Fall in France. Chair was a thrift find - $4.99!

Another angle. See the German stein on the left?

One closet panel. I use the interiors like a scrap book and tape up photos, inspiring articles and hotel room keys to remind me of fun trips. 

Close up of one of my memory boards

Rolling rack of vintage finds. 

Mirror was previously in the bathroom before I remodeled it. I wrapped  & glue-sticked the mirror with black ribbon to give it a border effect. 

The angle from the other side of the room. The walls are light gray, and the floor is a gray-blue (carpet).
So why am I showing this to you now? Well.... the dressing room is moving. I'm moving the bedrooms around, so I'm going to create a different dressing room in a different room in the house. I'm going to use a slightly different theme on the next one. More to come!



Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

I so wish I had a dressing luxurious, cant wait to see the new one.

emu said...

Cute,they make me think of something happy,and I also loving emu boots clearance !

Lisa said...

Oh how I wish I had the space to do something like this - lucky girl! Can't wait to see how you change it up!

Sarah Pearson said...

I would so love a room like this :-)

Krista said...

Check you out with your MTV crib action :) Love all the closet space for sure!! The memory board is sweet too.

pastcaring said...

I'm so envious of all that SPACE! My stuff just clutters the place up, I have things piled or hanging everywhere... xxx

Lindsey said...

um, this is beyond! SO AMAZING!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW! I'm so jelly right now. :p

LOVE LOVE LOVE your dressing room. Makes me wanna buy a bigger house so I can have a room closet!

Miss K said...

it looks great!! i can't believe you're going to move it around, but i can't wait to see the new look