After 2 weeks of chaos and delay (thanks to a plumbing disaster), the new dressing room is 98% finished. All that is left is adding the custom cut rug pieces and painting my chandelier (Tiffany blue). The room's theme is PARISIAN BISTRO. Part shabby chic, part glamour - part travel inspired. Take a peek and be inspired with your own space (sorry - giant photo posting, this might take awhile to upload):


An old wood door and bad lighting made this room look unappealing. 

VOILA! Isn't it lovely? New lighting, fresh paint, industrial clothing racks and finishing touches simply transformed this space. 

Strategically placed mirrors make this room look so much bigger than it is. 

Rack #1 features oak wood hangers, boots (in the black bin), laundry hamper in the center and large purses stacked in the canvas cube. The racks are on casters,so I can easily move the room around whenever the mood strikes. 

I decided to have one wall dedicated to my French street prints that I purchased during my last 2 trips to Paris.  I have a few more to hang, but need to find more  frames (they are weird sized prints). The ones on the left were difficult to hang evenly, so I strung them with ribbon and hung them up with one nail. I did it for convenience, but it actually added quite a bit to the overall look.

The sage-green velvet curtain has a tie back that I can drop down for privacy. The corner mirror is wrapped in black ribbon to give it the illusion of a wood frame. See the white stripe at the top of the wall? I painted that to look like crown molding. It's a painters trick to make your ceilings look higher. 

Vintage hat boxes store my gloves and scarves. 

The old store rack is perfect for my long necklaces, belts and  German hats. 

I found this dresser over the weekend at Goodwill for $60! Originally I was going to paint whatever dresser I found glossy-black, but when I found this I realized how perfect the light color and shabby-chic finish was. The velvet and wood chair I already had - that too was found at Goodwill about 2 years ago for $6.
The closet bar was removed and fits my old IKEA dresser  (painted white and hardware replaced) perfectly.  Add a lamp, mirror and decorations on the door - and it becomes a private cubby. The poster is from Paris and the mirror is from Ross. 

I can't wait to try on fun dresses and outfits in my new space. However I'm waiting to play dress-up until charcoal area rug arrives. The tile floor is fuh-reezing! See the green velvet tablecloth? I bought that last fall in France at the flea market for 20e. 

Here's a close-up on my dresser. The jewelry box is a thrift store find - $8. Ring display box - $9 (display store). The mirrored tray (thrift - $7) holds my favorite German steins and perfumes.

The next posting will my organizing secrets. It's kind of like 'WHAT'S IN MY PURSE', but instead I'll open up my drawers and show you how I organize my goodies. 



Miss K said...

yay! it looks great!

Claudia Moser said...

Well done Michelle!

Talia said...

Wow!!! You did an amazing job!! Congrats on the new dressing room space. I can only imagine how excited you must be. It looks fantastic! :)

Anastasios said...

Hey, nice to see you created your own world there :)
I can see your European/French influence.
Have fun in it dear Michelle creating great outfits!

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

OOOh it's beautiful, very classy!!!

pastcaring said...

Oh it all looks so beautiful, Michelle. You've created a really lovely yet functional space. Good job! xxx

Sarah Elisabeth said...

I picture your home to be HUGE! Love the room :)

Krista said...

Fabulous job girl, it looks great and its totally you and that is the most important part!

Victoria said...


Angela said...

O.M.G I absolutely LOVE this space!! Well done Michelle! I'd die for a room like this

Anonymous said...

Whoaaaaa! Your dressing room is *amazing*! I think the rest of us can only hope for such a place! ;)

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Rosina Lee said...

Fantastic lil boudior, so gorgeous and makes me want to run out and organise mine.