Dressing Room Mayhem & Masquerade Outfit

UPDATE on the dressing room relocate (insert yelling and cursing here). 

I spent 9 hours on Monday taping, painting and doing all of the finishing work on my soon-to-be dressing room. After I cleaned up my painting mess, moved the dresser in and mopped the floor I felt satisfied with the changes and was excited to start moving the bigger pieces over in the morning. 

YOU WONT BELIEVE THIS: 15 minutes after finishing the room, the bathroom sprung a leak in the bathtub (conveniently located right above the new dressing room) and destroyed over 1/2 of the ceiling and flooded the new dressing room. Seriously, 15 minutes later. What are the odds? So now I'm in the middle of two dressing rooms as I wait for the repairs (thanks to Mr. C and his crafty home skills) to be finished. The ceiling is back up - so now we just have to add texture and repaint. 

With that as a backdrop story - please excuse the mess in my upcoming photos. 

As requested - here is the dress I wore to the masquerade ball. It's a vintage 60's shift dress in beige with gold trim. I had about 6" taken off to keep it short and spicy. I paired it with skin colored fishnets and black platform slingbacks. I bought this at a local vintage boutique, $80 plus $25 for hemming. 

Vintage faux fur coat with gold buttons. I've been dying to wear these two pieces together, so the Masquerade ball was the perfect event.  Coat - thrifted $12.

OOTD - French Nautical Theme
Striped shirt by Banana Republic, William Rast jeans, op shopped leather ankle boots. 
I've been wanting to show you my new trench coat. It was a vintage find for a mere $3 - and in perfect like-new condition. I had it hemmed to right above the knee - and now it's my perfect French style trench. Total cost with alterations: $23! Bonus: It is waterproof and easy machine wash.
So versatile - it looks great worn open
Or belted. I like the classic venting in the back. 

I'm hoping the dressing room will be finished soon. My industrial racks showed up today - so it's getting closer. 



Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Michelle!

Unfortunate about the dressing room but having a handy person in the house will make things right!
My Mr D is a wiz at fixing stuff!

Your dressing room looks huge, a girl's dream!
I love the 60's dress and fur coat!

Ariane xxx

Claudia Moser said...

Loved the dress from the ball!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

what a pain! i hope the rest goes smoothly!!! LOVE those outfits.