RECYCLED FASHION - Ms. Renie returns

Hello everyone - do you remember Ms. Renie?? I featured her in a post in December with a some thrift store finds, and we were seeking reader feedback on how to style her outfit. Guess what - she followed your advice and was kind enough to send me an update. 

Pre-reader advice.
Ms. RENIE SAYS..... Dear Michelle, 

So finally I have some pictures of the changes I made using the your reader's feedback. I LOVED all of it and it helped me to explore more styles & different ways to put things together that I would not have thought of before. 

What took me so long to get things together was trying to find a tailor to shorten the dress. After calling around the least expensive place I found want $30 dollars. I was going to pay that until I noticed there was fraying on the shoulder. I could not justify spending $30 on a hem when other parts of the dress were falling apart. 

I am not a seamstress, but thought I would use hem tape to shorten it - but of course, never managed to find the time. I went ahead and wore the dress to church 'as-is' and got a lot of compliments. 

MICHELLE SAYS...... I agree! Why spend $$ on something that is falling apart? By pairing the dress with dark heeled boots and adding a belt to define your waist - this dress looks completely different on you!  I love your hair up, you look very pretty. Suggestion: little dresses are so cheap at the thrift store that once you tire of this dress - go pick out a pretty spring one. I have tried using hem tape before, and it doesn't look professional and I ended up throwing the garment away. You might want to practice using it before you put it on your next favorite piece. $30 for a hem - total rip off btw. 

I changed the jewelry because with the belt the long necklace just did not seem to go to me so I chose a shorter one but still incorporated the new earrings. (Yes!)

I liked the messy bun idea and just made it a side bun. (You look great with your hair up!)

I used the jacket with jeans and dressed it up with the shoes and a scarf. I took the hat idea (I do not own a leopard hat but I had this one in my closet) and made the jacket more casual with the hat and shoes (I wore this outfit to a kids birthday party). The layers look perfect. Approachable yet classically stylish. Love the new you!

I may have created more of a fashion faux-pas with what I changed but in the end I felt really good about myself and that is what matters right? There are NO fashion faux-pas if you feel great in what you're wearing. (Obvious Exceptions: pajama pants, sweat pants, hoodies, tennis shoes-etc.) By layering and adding in different pieces, you are creating you own look -  thus your own personal style. Added Bonus  - you found some great pieces for cheap at the thrift store so not only do you feel pretty, you also feel practical. You don't have to spend a ton to look great.  

Thank you Ms. Renie for sharing your latest pics. Keep them coming!! We love seeing your outfits, plus its always fun to offer advice and have someone listen :)



Talitha said...

Love how the outfits ended up turning out.

With hemming tape if the material is shear (which it kind of looks like it is) then you will see it. I actually thought it was hemmedin your pic! But it shoes that you paired it with everthing else perfectly!

Talitha xx

Victoria said...

The outfits looks great. $30 dollars for a hem, ouch! I have done quite a bit of alterations, in fact did it professionally for a few years and would never think of charging that much. Maybe times have changed or it's just inflation.