The dressing room is coming along slowly . My industrial garment racks arrived and these things are incredible. They are 5 feet long and can hold up to 500lbs. The bottom shelf is very durable and will hold containers of boots and scarves. 

I looked everywhere and this was the only site that offered these with ZERO plastic parts (still made in China of course......). These are the same ones used in the back rooms of department stores and warehouses.Do you want some too? You can find them here on eBay with FREE SHIPPING! 

The hangers need to match, and the light oak shade is driving me crazy. I've been looking for large sets of dark espresso with no luck. If I do find them, they are really expensive. Any ideas? 

See the tile floor? It looks nice, but it's really cold on bare feet. Yesterday I found a charcoal fluffy carpet remnant and am having it cut and bound into 2 custom pieces.  These rugs will be perfect - and a total bargain at $100 for the custom cut-and-binding work. 

The doorway is open,  so I'm going to hang a heavy velvet curtain and install a tie-back rack (technically a towel rack) to give me the French draped look I'm craving. Clever, right? 

I'm off today to find a 6-drawer dresser that I can refinish with shiny black paint. More to come!



Krista said...

Woa! Those racks are pretty sweet! I agree a velvet curtain would be delicious!

Curly Girl Confessions said...

I bet that floor is freezing on your feetsies!!! Slippers at the front door. :)

Penny-Rose said...

Hope the flood situation is all sorted now. A dressing room is the ultimate thing for me, in my dream home I will have one. I think the idea of having my own space (A Room of One's Own)is related to a sense of privacy and identity. The red velvet curtain will make it luxurious too. Looking forward to seeing more.

pastcaring said...

Oh I so need a couple of those racks...
The hangers need to match? Really? You'd hate mine, they are a real mish-mash of all sorts, including lots of vintage ones - completely non-matching and random, like myself! xxxxx

towel rack said...

Love these racks! They are so cute!