MEOW MIX - Cat Shirts by THE GAP

MEOW MIX = part kitty, part adult. Who say little girls get to have all of the fun? 

There never seems to be enough cat clothes in my size. Now granted, there are always the bad holiday cat sweatshirts that are bedazzled and the wearer tends to have over sized hair and smeared lipstick (a cigarette dangling is highly likely as well...). I'm not talking about that type of cat shirt........ more specifically, I love the French themed kitties - those wearing accessories including false eyelashes and necklaces. 

Yes - this really says  "MEW". I melted......
Many times I have perused through the little girls section thinking, 'why doesn't that come in my size?". No.....I haven't lost my mind, and no....I'm not channelling my inner 5 year old. It's just that I think French kitties are a sweet image, and when it's paired with strong accessories, it's a fun and whimsical look. 

Gobs of eye shadow, a chain necklace and tender crystal drop earring balance the youthful feel of the shirt. 

I also picked up this frilly pink chiffon skirt at The Gap ($18).  I'm obviously being inspired by Ms. Kayla's skirt photo (2 postings back), and I'm craving the fullness of this youthful pretty skirt. Don't worry - I will pair this with a gray denim motorcycle jacket and rocker type accessories (no cats allowed with this skirt).

Cats + pink frilly +41 years old = trying to hard.
It's important to rough up the look with leather & denim to balance it out. 

The cat has sunglasses, flowers  AND pearls on - I couldn't resist.
I will pair this with skinny jeans, motorcycle boots and TONS of layered pearl necklaces. 

I wear a size 2 or 3, so girls XXL fits perfectly. Bonus: the clothes are 1/2 price compared to women's. Go get shopping, I know you want a cat shirt too. If you pick one up - send me your pic and I'll post it on my blog.

MEOW MIX sounds like a fun segment, no? 



Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

I am crazy with cat tops you can never be to old and good for you if you can fit into them.

Kayla Nikolaevna Manthey said...

i love the skirt!!!