Wheel of Fortune - meet my celebrity girlfriend Ms. Kayla

My dear friend Ms. Kayla was selected to be on Wheel of Fortune. Can you believe it? Who gets to do that? So cool, and what an opportunity! She filmed this last Tuesday and BOO - came in 2nd place. Guess what her parting gifts were from the network? If you guessed a gift basket or something else lovely, you would be wrong. They gave her NOTHING. No autographs, pics or anything. Kind of rude, right? 

Her episode airs on May 22nd - tune in and see how fabulous she looks.

I would also like to add that Ms. Kayla was involved in a horrible auto accident last December that has left her temporarily disabled. She suffered injuries to her back and spine which is a source of constant pain along with a traumatic brain injury, that has been impeded her speech. She can think of what she wants to say...but the words don't seem to come out right (so frustrating.... I couldn't even imagine). Getting the chance to be on Wheel of Fortune was a blessing for her, and also gave her a target date to stay focused on. 

So how do I know Ms. Kayla? She is an Airman in my Air Force unit, and we became friends 3 years ago during a trip to San Antonio. 

To make things worse.......not only was she injured, but she was forced to cancel her 6 month deployment to Germany (yes - the same one I just returned from). Devastating, right? 

Ms. Kayla has a blog called Combat Boots, Camo & Tiaras. Please stop by and say hello to her. You can find her lovely blog HERE.



Claudia Moser said...

What a great opportunity!

Victoria said...

Well good to see that she is doing much better, lover her smile.

My mom was on the Price is Right years ago, she didn't get selected to up on stage, but they gave her a great pots and pans set, but some other really great gifts. Her friends son was on at another time and won a car.

Miss K said...

she's gorgeous! i thought you were going to say she's one of their models!!

i can't believe she didn't get a consolation prize, i thought every single show, ever (esp a huge show like that) to give them out.

so sorry to hear about her accident, i hope each day is a better one for her.

Kayla Nikolaevna Manthey said...

Oh Michelle- I just started to cry. That was the sweetest post ever.

Miss you, I will be seeing you soon!

Krista said...

That's some crazy story! I'm off to check out her blog. Poor thing.

pastcaring said...

Wow, isn't she beautiful! Hopwe Kayla is doing well with her recovery.
I always assumed people on TV shows like that all came home with SOMETHING - but not even a photo? That's very poor! xxx