DIY CHANDELIER - Inspired by Tiffany's!

A couple of years ago I found a hideous 70's chandelier at the thrift store and have been saving it for a 'rainy' day to paint and redo. With the new dressing room completed, I finally found the inspiration (and the space) for it. Here is the project in photos:

Hideous, right? I covered the white tips with painters tape to have some contrast against the silver.
Several thin coats of this.....

Isn't is amazing what spray paint can do? 

I had these extra mini fabric lampshades (originally black) and experimented with the paint.  I liked  how the dark trim peeks through on the edges - a unexpected result. The interior was gold, so I decided to keep them as is and stuffed the shades with garbage sacks to protect the finish.
Impressive, right? I think this my 'best' project to date.

I added a  14' ceiling dome (Home Depot, $24) that I painted to match, and finished it off with a simple champagne colored ribbon from my Nordstrom Easter package.

Thanks to Mr. C for hanging it for me.  

The lampshades were fabric, so I was surprised to see how shiny they turned out with the paint. If it looks like it's handing too low - it is. I need to move it up a few links, but for now I am enjoying the full view of the 'new' light.

The gold finish gives off a pretty (and flattering) glow.

COST BREAKDOWN: Lamp $3, Paint (2 cans) $9,  Ceiling Dome - $24, Labor - free, Lampshades - free, Ribbon - free TOTAL: $36! 

Get spray painting people - it's fun, creative and oh-so affordable.


Claudia Moser said...

Great idea!

Victoria said...

Love what you did to the chandelier, so very Hollywood Regency, glamor all the way!

victoryvintageb said...

I love this! I have 2 identical crystal drop chandaliers I have been waiting on inspiration for and this is it! I will have to try this, the Blue and silver is gorgeous together! thanks for sharing your project..its perfection! Brande

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

WOW Girl that looks amazing!

cinnibonbon said...

Love it, you did a wonderful job!

Carla said...

FABULOUS!! So clever and thrifty to boot (not pink boot) sorry!!
This is beautiful Michelle and so effective in your new dressing room love it.
Carla x

Carla Coulson said...

Hi Michelle,
Thanks so much for having pics on your sidebar!! Fab I still go by Carla Loves Photography but have changed URL
I changed from blogger to wordpress.
Thanks a million
Carla x

Bibi said...

That is amazing, it looks wonderful!