Packing - a total nightmare

Yes, I'm leaving town tomorrow - and no, I have not packed. I had this brilliant idea that if I waited till the last minute, then it would be less stressful and I wouldn't be able to continue adding things simply for the sake of it. 

Packing for this journey is incredibly difficult because I will be hitting Spring, Summer, Fall and a touch of winter. My original plan was to sort out seasonal clothes and have Mr. C ship them as I need them. Now that I'm looking at all of this crap, I'm forced to weed out the niceties and luxuries and stick with the basics. But when everything can be defined as a basic, the pile isn't getting any smaller. I need my platform stilettos, just as much as I need the navy blue tie dress with the embroidered flowers. I haven't began to pack my uniforms - which I suppose I should pack those first and then see how much room I have. Duh.

So why am I blogging and not packing? Umm.......good question. I have been blogging for over an hour instead of taking this precious time to do the things I need to be doing.

Ok - so back to dumb packing. Bleh.

Photos courtesy of pattydohap and happyhypergurl


Lacey said...

So, what is easier to pack for? Deployment because you know exactly what you need to pack (but have to say good bye to all that fashion you love so much) or this trip for Germany where you get to take it all, but can't fit most of it??

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hmmm, tricky question. Deployment is easier to pack, but you're right - I would take a 'packing nightmare' over the easy-packing option anyday.

Thanks for the reality check love :)