Welcome to another edition of EURO TRASH - a photo menagerie. Today's posting is the super fun 'PEOPLE WATCHING' edition.

Enjoy the view!

See the orange sign in the background? I thought this was a funny coincidence.

This guy was PISSED. These dogs are one minute away from getting shouted at.

Perfect German Couple! Doesn't he look dapper?

Check out the hair!

Yellow bomb.

I loved her layered style

Even the drinking fountains are cool

I've been seeing a lot of red pants - for both men and women

Keeping it real


There is about $8,000 in Louis Vuitton going on here.


Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

It's good to see there is class and trash every where in the world.

The Expatriate said...

I think the butt flap pic would win a posting on - if you were in NAmerica & at Walmart. But alas you're not.

Also - I am loving that trench in the louis vuitton pic, coat envy.

Selina. said...

haha those jeans are horrific! i hope the owner just accidently sat down on something that ripped her jeans like that and it isn't a fashion statment!

Pleemiller said...

hum...I think I may have to have you get "big daddy" a pair of those red pants...course he looks good in anything.

Lindsey said...

I'm thinking these aren't so bad ... until I got the "?" caption picture. GROSS. That should be illegal. I think I've looked at too many "People of Wal-Mart" to really be phased by much at this point in my life. However, the "?" pic ... no sir, that is not aprope.

Zara said...

This was a good reminder that not everyone in Europe is classy. :-) Sometimes I forget that fashion isn't everyone's stronghold.

I'm loving the "?"! What exactly was going through her mind?! Did she try to turn them into cut offs then regretted the idea or forgot to finish cutting ?!

ArtsyNina said...

fun stuff! Love people watching. I like how Euro trash is still so much classier than American Walmart trash. Oh- and LOVE the German womans poofy hair. Amazing that they can keep it like that!

Anonymous said...

Love this! I enjoy people watching. It's so funny when people are wearing silly things, but I also get lots of outfit inspiration from people watching.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Isn't people watching the best?! If you were surpised by the cut off shorts, just WAIT until you see my BACHELOR party photos. OMG - you will die laughing. I will post those on Friday!

The cut-off shorts photo was a complete shocker. She was just shopping with her son and continually bending over to look at stuff. Who wears this and says, "wow, these shorts look awesome on me'. People of Walmart is right - so trashy!

Hi Expatriate - I too have coat envy. Isn't great?! She was put together perfectly.

miss vintage love said...

Great post! Love the pics :)

Les said...

Just wanted to tell you that your postcard from Arkansas went in the mail today! Sorry it took a couple of weeks--I was out of town and wanted to send a specific card that I couldn't by elsewhere!

xStroutx said...

The hair on the woman in the stripey top! Magnificent!

Sarah Elisabeth said...

Hey, I got your card in the mail today! Thanks, it was so nice and it sure made my day! Don't think I've forgotten that I owe you a card as well, I've just had trouble finding one with a picture of Norway or the area I live in. To be honest, I never send postcards so I don't know where to look. All I've found so far is cards for special occasions and cards with art on it. But don't worry, it's coming!

Val said...

LOL, this is so great!! Nothing better than people watching!

The Fashionable Traveler said...

That is sooo funny. I love people watching. Being in the fashion industry, sometimes I think I'm immune to the craziness, it's nice to know I can still be surprised. Those jeans were classic.

I'm going to have to share with my readers.


Anonymous said...

the old german couple is adorable!!!!!

LOL! the other day i made the comment about an old guy to my boyfriend and said "awww he is sooo cute!". and my boyfriend was like "why do you think an old man is so cute"....i just shook my head. but this old man is totally cute (you know what i mean LOL)