HAIR TRENDS: Summer and Fall 2011

Check out the latest hair trends in Germany along with witty titles and some of my hair history. 

French Sex Kitten

Tough as Nails

70's Diva

Modern Edgy

The 5th Avenue (aka 'perfect blowout')

Femme Fatale

The Metro

I Look Better than You

After 5pm

Modern Pulp Fiction
(I had this hair in 1997)

(my current style)

Pearls and a Fur Coat
 (I had this hair 3 years ago - I'm growing it back out to this)

Edgy Wedge

Unexpectedly Sexy
A big thanks goes out to 'hair-ideas' for allowing me to shamelessly copy share them with you. Could you see yourself in any of these styles? Have you had any of these in the past?


Beth said...

I could do 70s diva! haha. I just don't see myself with hair that's too short. I did the whole bob thing, but it wasn't a SHORT bob.

AC Quigley said...

I cut my long hair for the first time ever last summer - it's a bit like the first picture. Curiously I had it cut in France but I look nothing like a sex kitten (I wish)!!

Miss K said...

i love the looks! esp the guy metro one...maybe it's the model and not really the hair though. winning combo either way.

Tassos P said...

Great styles dear! In blond I love rather short or very short hair just like most of these styles including that perfect of yours! :)
I see black mostly as long and still straight.
Nice selection!

P.S. Nice to see you enjoy even though you work at a crazy environment. I served 2 years (in peace:) and I know how it can be.

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

I love short hair but with my double chin I just cant get away with it anymore :)

Talitha said...

lol I used to have a haircut similar to the edgy wedge...and I ended up looking like a dude. Not cool :) And so much maintenance! I had to straighten my hair so much. Short hair is not easier to maintain.

Talitha xx

Anonymous said...

ohhhh what i wouldnt give to see something fun like this here in norway. everyone here just has long hair. nothing too fancy. yes, im trying to grow my hair out because im bored with it, but i know ill wanna spice things up like this eventually!!