MEN ARE STYLISH TOO! A look at European trends

This guy is bringing back the 1970's work shirt. Typically paired with polyester pants, this shirt looks fresh when paired with fitted jeans, a brown belt and Clark Kent style readers. Love his style.

A sharp looking couple. Her dress was leather, and he was sporting a 3 piece suite with a vest that matched the tie/sash combo. From what I could tell by my super sleuthing skills, they were shopping for a gift and then getting lunch.

Messenger bags are everywhere, and the traditional LEADERHOSEN look is being worn regularily by the YOUNGER GENERATION. Notice the elbow patches? Did you see the TOP HAT on the guy to the left??

Loved his long hair with the sunglasses on top. BROWN accessories are FAVORED over harsh black. I'm seeing elbow patches are the majority of jackets, sweaters and coats. Notice the jacket vents are dual and no longer up the center?

Very French, non? Loved the vest and the casual sleeve roll up.

Checkered shirts are a traditional German pattern for men, whereas the women prefer stripes.  Bright COLORED PANTS in shades of orange, red or golden yellow are VERY POPULAR.  Paired with brown accessories......of course.

Great outfit - but not weather appropriate since it was 80. Love the scarf and loose jacket. Is that an LV satchel?

Fully dressed up for a day of shopping! How great is this? He looks like someone from a movie set.

What do you think of these styles?? Which one do you think your guy would wear - or NOT WEAR. Man capris (aka 'MANPRIS') deserve their own posting and will be featured later this week.


Selina. said...

I am loving the elbow patches! and just generally i am enjoying the revival of smartly dressed men! bye bye scruffy jeans and trainers hello smart shirts and shined shoes!

Anonymous said...

*le sigh* Your life is so much more exciting than mine.

Loved this post! I am simply fascinated by people watching and especially other cultures. I guess we might see similar ensembles to these in bigger cities where the men are more fashion forward.

My man probably wouldn't wear any of the things pictured. The other day he said he doesn't have "a style". He wears a suit to work (not a three piece though!) and then polo shirts and khakis for casual days. I think he cleans up real nice. ;)

Miss K said...

i love the style there! so chic! love the retro work shirt and elbow patches, and girl...i'm a sucker for longer-ish hair on men. mmmmm yumm.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

@ Tangled in Texas:

Love the 'le sigh'!! ha

American men are so basic. I can barely get Mr. C out of his cargo short/dress shirt ensemble with leather sandals. Even in the winter!! I suppose we could have prissy Metro boys with big closets - I think I'll keep the basic version. You too?

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

@Selina - what a great way to put it: SMARTLY DRESSED MEN. Perfect.

Miss K - Long hair (but not too long or greasy) on men can be very sexy. Some guys just can't seem to pull it off though.

Bring on the elbow patches!!

Talitha said...

Great post, I love that you went around snapping pics of random men :)

I'm not sure my fiance would wear anything like this. I have stopped him wearing jeans & trainers though (thank goodness!).

Even though I hate long hair on guys, I think that pic of the guy with the elbow patched coat looks very suave :) Kind of english lecturer style haha.

Talitha xx

Anonymous said...

mwhahahaha im laughing sooo hard because yesterday i was walking and saw some manpris and was mad i didnt have my camera. not only were they manpris...they were DENIM manpris. so wrong. so so so wrong. what i wouldnt give to see a guy in a football t-shirt right now (you have NOOOO IDEA...ok maybe you do!).

Miles Of Style said...

i love the french style with the vest and rolled up casual and yet sexy!

Krista said...

Aren't you the cutest. Happy to have found your blog and I look forward to more from you all the way around the world!

Lisa said...

I love people watching too! It's a great way to spend an afternoon. Unfortunately I don't see Mr S wearing any of the styles here. I'm having trouble getting him to stop wearing flannel shirts. Bleh. I keep throwing them away...(shhh, don't tell him) but he seems to have an endless supply. Jeans and polo shirts is about as dressed up as he gets unless it's to a wedding or a funeral. So sad.