Ooh La La - Parisian Cabaret

Yay- I finally have two days off! Lets do something completely opposite from my deep-thought provoking work week.

What could that be, you ask? CABARET! PARISIAN Cabaret, at that. The mothership of all things fabulous.

Do you remember the first time you saw a show girl or a cabaret dancer? I do. My parents had gone to Vegas and brought home a souvenir book (or maybe it was a brochure) of a show they had seen. Inside was a large layout photo of topless showgirls in their full regalia of feathers, headdresses, heels and stockings. I was captivated. 

I mean... WHATS NOT TO LOVE? Makeup, heels, feathers, elaborately bedazzled costumes, strands of pearls, fishnets, headpieces, wigs, opera gloves...........the fabulous list goes on and on.

Being a showgirl or a cabaret dancer was not in the career cards for me, but its still fun to daydream and use the photos as inspiration to add a bit of glamour in your own world. 

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that cabaret and showgirl are intertwined terms - with burlesque being its own separate entity. Right?

I saw the Moulin Rouge about 10 years ago during the day, and the exterior looked tattered and was in a shady looking neighborhood. From what I hear the space has been revamped and it is GORGEOUS. Red walls, gold art frames and glamour everywhere.


Have any readers see the show? Advice on the best days? Dinner and show? or just the show? Is there another show that you would recommend instead?In the meantime, lets look at gorgeous vintage posters and cabaret images .

Photos courtesy of: worldceldontiesjournal11, lifeofgaungzhoe, nectartastingroom, 20th century


xStroutx said...

Ahhhh I went and did the dinner and a show deal at the Moulin Rouge last year. It was really fun hey, totally worth seeing.

I can't remember what day of the week it was though, I think we went midweek because it fit in with the rest of our travel plans...

Amusingly the audience appeared to be largely made up of Japanese business-men, some of whom nodded off about halfway through. Thus proving that men don't do so well with musicals, even if there is mass boobage on show.

Gawgus things... said...

See, I still haven't been to a cabaret here, it just doesn't really appeal which sounds like sacrilege doesn't it?! Crazy Horse is meant to be one of the good ones to go to as well.. xx

Claudia said...

Just enjoy! I'm sure it will be lots of fun, so far we have been to Paris 3 times but no show :(

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, Dita von Teese swears by the CrazyHorseParis. And I think she's the expert on anything burlesque, cabaret, etc right now. Look at this tweet she put up: DitaVonTeese
Zula + Fiamma in "Spoutnik" AMAZING @crazyhorseparis. Brilliant. I'm in awe. CrazyHorseParis still Best Show Ever. #SeeBeforeYouDie

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Mutantsupermodel - wow, great tip! I just check it out and it looks perfect. Oh la la is right.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Gawgus things - you are right about Crazy Horse. Mutuantsupermodel said the same thing.

Xstroutx - thanks for the tips. If I'm lucky I'll squeeze in both places!

Anonymous said...

ive always wanted to go to one of these!!! dangit i wish i could join! enjoy your days off!

Lisa Cozza said...

I love it! As many times as I've been to Vegas and I've never gone to a caberet show! (what does that say about me?) Hmmm. I'll have to surprise Mr.Cozza with tickets next time we go!

He.would.die! lol ;)