This isn't your GRANDMA'S SKIRT

A few months ago I was watching a VLOG by Brande at VICTORY VINTAGE, and she was discussing pleated skirts and how to properly accessorize them. I have to say I LOVE Brande's VLOG. She was so professional and comfortable giving fashion advice that I felt like I was watching the 'E CHANNEL' in the states.

You know which skirt I'm talking about, right? The kind your GRANDMA wears with a blouse, NUDE hosiery and PRACTICAL SHOES? So anyways...I loved the idea of bringing back a vintage look, but I WASN'T SOLD on the pleated skirt.

Then I purchased some French, British and German FASHION MAGAZINES, and I couldn't help but notice the PLEATED SKIRT- in all types of lengths (MINI, MID and MAXI) along with a dual panel (sheer) overlay. MS. Brande is a rock star - she called out this trend before it ever happened. 

Then TODAY..... I saw that Ms. Leigh from the LIBERTY BELLE is ROCKING the pleated skirt on her blog too. Perfectly accessorized, of course.

The Liberty Belle - check out her blog (link above)

More Magazine - UK, reader submission photo. I think she needs to add a belt.  

What do you think? Would you wear it? Have you already worn it?
What is your favorite length?

photo courtesy of  MORE.UK and Liberty Belle


Miss K said...

I like the look, but I haven't liked any of the ones i've tried on. I feel way to "grandma-y" to rock them. Plus, idk what i would wear them with w items that i already own.

Gawgus things... said...

Deffo the wrong length for me :( Makes my calves look HUGE!! Xx

Anonymous said...

i like them long....not mid length because they make my calves look big too :) but i LOVE the style!!!!

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

I like them on other people they look feral on me and make me look bigger and shorter than I actually am.

Talitha said...

methinks I need to invest in a grandma skirt! Great post :)

Talitha xx

Jen Watts said...

Love em! I was getting ready to purchase the JCrew jardin but my personal shopper said the length might be a little off with my tall frame..hmmmmm
Can't wait to see you in yours!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Green Tea and Cupcakes - Feral? I know you are giving me these fun words on purpose. You're such a good blogger friend :)

Hello dolls - I don't think I could ever pull off this skirt unless it's a mini. At 5'4 it would add 10lbs and otherwise swallow me up in fabric. I'm thinking I'll PASS on this look.

xStroutx said...

hehe I'n a shorty and I only recently got in on the maxi plated skirt deal... and I gotta say I love it

Lisa said...

If I was five inches taller I would seriously consider it, but at 5"3" I'm with you. It would swallow me up and make me look 10 lbs heavier. Maybe as a mini, but I'm afraid I don't do mini's either. So, I'm out.

Tanya said...

so funny, I was shopping with my mom last weekend and we saw these pleated skirts and she got so excited because when she was young she rocked that same style skirt. Wish she would've saved her clothes for me!!!